Pro Wrestling Radio May 7, 2013

luke_eric_no_pic_art Pro Wrestling Radio is back with its first live broadcast in well over a year. The second podcast of the 14th season is live and interactive as we take questions from the chat room. Independent pro wrestling standout Luke Hawx and I cover all of the latest WWE news, pro wrestling rumors, hot topics in the blogs, as well as share stories from our own pro wrestling careers.

On this episode of Pro Wrestling Radio we talk about the following topics…

– ECW and ECW memories from both
– Barbed Wire City
– ECW/Independent Wrestling show chants
– Ryback and whether he is working as a heel
– The Brock Lesnar/Paul Heyman office angle

- Luke tells a story about talking to Paul Heyman
– Whether Antonio Cesaro will be headlining WWE shows
– TNA advertising Luke for a Gut Check and not asking him
– TNA and their recent ratings decline
– Stone Cold Steve Austin and why he isn’t on WWE TV
– Luke tells a story about Stone Cold from the set of The Expendables
– and much, much more with both Eric and Luke sharing stories from their careers

The idea is to do shows every two weeks so we will plan to go live again with another broadcast in two weeks. Remember you can now listen to the shows live and join the chat room right here on Pro Wrestling Radio on the Listen page.

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