PW Radio Classics: State Of WWE 2001, WCW Invasion Angle, Ric Flair

Pro Wrestling Radio logoThis edition of Pro Wrestling Radio goes all the way back to October 27, 2001. This radio show was right in the middle of an interesting transitional period in the WWE. WCW was bought and integrated, the invasion angle was underway, and the main focus at the time was McMahon vs. McMahon. Fans were growing tired of it and there were lots of rumors about Ric Flair and the n.W.o. coming to the WWE. I open the phone lines and talk about the current state of the WWE, what’s wrong, what needs to change, and look ahead to an upcoming Shane vs. Vince Street Fight. In addition to that I cover Hayabusa’s horrific neck injury and the ramifications on high flying wrestling. Here is a run down of the list of topics covered on this classic podcast…

Here is a run down of the list of topics covered on this classic podcast…
– The state of the WWE
– Hall and Nash returning to the WWE
– Hayabusa breaking his neck with the Asai Moonsault
– High flying wrestling
– Is wrestling on the up or downslope?
– WCW Invasion angle
– The McMahons putting themselves over
– Vince McMahon vs. Shane McMahon in a Street Fight on RAW
– WWE Survivor Series predictions
– Kidman vs. Tajiri from RAW
– Ric Flair returning to the WWE and much more…

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