PW Radio Classics – April 10, 1999

british bulldogThis edition of Pro Wrestling Radio goes all the way back to April 10, 1999. This was one of the first PWR shows and the format is much different than the radio show most are accustomed to hearing. Back during this era of the broadcast I had co-hosts and we ran through all of the latest wrestling news and rumors for most of the hour. Keep in mind that ECW and WCW were alive and kicking as this show featured a lot of WCW talk. Here is a run down of the list of topics covered on this classic podcast…

– Japanese womens wrestling and recent death in Arison
– Davey Boy Smith released by WCW while in the hospital
– WCW’s new slogan “It’s out there!”
– Bret Hart quitting WCW as part of an angle
– Paul Heyman rumored to be negotiating with WCW
– Tank Abbott signing with WCW
– Vampiro in the dog house in WCW
– News on Steven Regal
– Mr. Fuji sighting
– Brian Pillman Memorial Show lineup
– Local independent wrestler Atlas Rivera
– News on the very first WWE SmackDown taping
– New gimmicks for the Headbangers in the WWE
– WWE Backlash 1999 lineup and preview
– and much much more….

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