PW Radio Classics – Bruno Sammartino 2005

Bruno Sammartino is without question the most popular guest in Pro Wrestling Radio history. This 2005 interview is one of the best with the former WWWF champion and now WWE Hall of Fame wrestler. Bruno is candid, provocative, and even made some headlines with the things he discussed in this classic show. This interview was broadcast live on May 28, 2005.

Some of the topics include…

- Giving up the backbreaker as his finisher
– Lifting Haystacks Calhoun
– Meeting Vince McMahon Sr. for the first time and getting into the WWWF
– Hanging out with Frank Sinatra and other celebrities during his career
– Wrestling Ray Stevens
– The scheduled rematch with Buddy Rogers
– His relationship with Larry Zbysko
– Memories of his feud with Cowboy Bill Watts
– His relationship at the time with Vince McMahon and the WWE
– Going into the WWE Hall of Fame
– Steroids in pro wrestling
– Dusty Rhodes’ story about Bruno in his book
– Thoughts on comments Terry Funk made about him on the show
– Thoughts on Ric Flair and why Flair says negative things about him
and much more…

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