Chris Jericho Interview Transcript 1999

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This is the very first broadcast of Pro Wrestling Radio. The show featured a call-in interview with WWE superstar star Chris Jericho. Chris talked about his career up to that point which includes the highs and lows of his WCW run, thoughts on the Montreal Screwjob, ECW, Eric Bischoff, and more.

Q:Comment on WCW Head Of Security Doug Dillenger retiring ? :

A:Yeah but I’ll tell you one thing though Doug Dillenger is good at his job. He’s so miserable all the time. Everyone’s kinda scared of him.

Q:On his current contract status with WCW? Commenting on the rumor he had come to an agreement with Bischoff a while back. But since that time the market value has risen, due to other guys signing and they have not increased his deal ?

A: I don’t want to get into too many details, cause I don’t want things to come back and haunt me. Especially with Bischoff since he’s quite crazy sometimes, something along those lines. There’s other factors that kinda came into play over the last little while as well. There’s definitely a new regime there with Nash taking over and everything, and I just kinda wanna see what’s gonna happen with the company for a while as well. There’s a lot of factors, there’s a lot of things I don’t want to get into, cause its boring stuff and let’s just say right now, it’s just really nothing has been decided one way or the other.

Q:About him getting buried if he doesn’t resign and does that scare you into resigning or push him away ?

A: First of all. No, there’s so many rumors that nobody knows what to believe, and there’s been so many ultimatums thrown my way so far I mean whatever. There’s no real threats that you can make, that I can’t kinda rise above. Even if any of them are true anyway.

Q:About his program with Goldberg getting squashed ?

A: Well to be politically correct about it, which is what I have to be, it was something that was just kinda thrown together at the last minute at Superbrawl and I don’t think there was any real thought behind where the angle was supposed to go or what it was supposed to do, but the people got into it, and I did my normal thing which is to get the people mad at me through the guy that they like, and I still say that the people got ripped off on that one. And that’s one of the main things that I’m angry about with WCW, there’s some people backstage that didn’t think it was worth its while and I think that people got completely ripped off, cause I think it would have been a great match, a great feud. But there’s certain people that didn’t think that, so it was there loss. It really was.

Q:About how he developed his character/gimmick in WCW ?

A:The gimmick that I am doing now I did in 94′ in Calgary and I used to do it in WAR. Not to the same degree, but a lot of the same. The one in Calgary, I did basically the same thing and it’s basically always been the character that I like to portray the best. When I got to ECW I was kind of like a baby face for whatever that’s worth and the same when I first got to WCW and I didn’t really wanna do it either time but you have to do what your told, especially when you first get somewhere But I always knew that this character was the one that I could really thrive and get really creative with and basically the tip of the iceberg has just been stroked, there’s so much more I could do if given the shot to do it you know.

Q:Where did you find Ralphus ?

A:I found Ralphus in the mountains of Tibet. He was up there on vacation. He was studying with the gurus on how to kill guys by just looking at them funny. No, actually the real story with Ralphus is. He’s a truck driver. He drives the lights around. When I had to do, I had an idea one time to get lost trying to find my way to the ring and I needed some security guards to mock Goldberg. I figured instead of getting real security guys, I’d get a couple weird looking guys or fat guys. I saw that guy there, and said that guy has money written all over him.

Q:Do you still follow ECW and commenting on Lance Storm ?

A:We actually trained together in 1990, in the Hart brother’s camp.

Q:On teaming again ?

A:I don’t know, I think the days of teaming with Lance are up. But we worked each other a multitude of times in Japan, and in Canada and we always have good matches together. It would be a better match up. He’s doing really good there. I’m glad to see he has some personality coming out know. I watched their show last night. It was pretty good. They still do some good things. Some things are still are kind of independent type level. The two guys are like to watch the most are Tajiri and Super Crazy. Super Crazy and Chris Jericho exchange hellos. Chris Jericho to Super Crazy: You are doing really good man. I worked with Tajiri in Japan about two years ago in The Best Of Super Junior in Japan. He was good, but he looks like he’s much better now.

Q:Favorite Matches in WCW ?

A:The one that stands out the most. Is myself and Eddie Guerrero Vs Benoit and Malenko in Knoxville for the Brian Hildebrand Tribute Show. It’s too bad it wasn’t on TV cause it was real good. I don’t know if there’s certain matches or certain guys I like to work with. Booker T, Benoit obviously, Dean, Eddie. I actually like the ones with guys that are different styles than me. Like when I beat Stevie Ray for the TV belt. Just matches like that. I like working with guys that aren’t your average typical awesome workers, cause it’s sort of a challenge to have more fun with them. And have good matches with them in that stance. But, I can’t really think of a classic match that I have had in WCW. There’s been a couple I guess, but none that really pop into mind. There’s been quite a few good ones though.

Q:Compare bookers Paul Heyman, Eric Bischoff, and Jim Cornette ?

A:I think out of all them. Cornette was quite organized from what I recall, but he was really a hot head. He knew his people pretty well. He knew the market that he was trying to appeal to. For a while he had a pretty decent little promotion going. As far as Heyman goes. He is a really good motivator. He’ll make you want to go break a bat over somebody’s head before the show. And really prove that ECW is the greatest promotion ever. He was really fun to work for too. He always did what he promised as well. But one thing that drove me nuts about him was he was very unorganized and very uncaring about being organized. Whereas you wouldn’t know if you were going somewhere or what time you were leaving at, until about twenty minutes before you were going to go. He was good to work for too. Bischoff, it’s hard to say about Bischoff. I can’t really get a read on him. Sometimes he’s cool, sometimes he’s not. Sometimes he acts like a fifteen year old high school girl. He’s kind of. Once again I kinda have to watch what I am gonna say. I don’t know how in charge of his own company he really is. I mean he’s the boss, but I don’t know who really runs the show in WCW and I haven’t known in about three years.

Q:On the Super Liger gimmick ?

A: What happened with that was. It was kind of, I guess it was Liger’s idea. It was kind of like one of those things where all the fruits lined up where everything turned out kind of bad. Let’s go down the list. First of all. The first time I ever worked for New Japan, it was the first time I ever worked in the Tokyo Dome, and it was the first time I ever wore a mask. Liger’s suit is, I don’t know how he does it. But it’s like a mask and a full body suit. It was kind of like a scuba diving outfit. And the mask was covered with red mesh, and the mouth was very small. With the size if like you put your thumb and fore finger together, making like a Triple Threat sign. That’s about how big the mouth was. Basically I couldn’t see or breathe either. Just kind of blew everything type thing. I tried to do a bunch of moves, and kinda fell off the ropes. It just didn’t work out right. I was me maybe wrestling up to 30% capacity. It basically sucked. The Japanese media knew that it sucked. Especially when you are going over there with such a big name as Liger stamped on your back. You better be awesome. I was far from awesome that night. Choshu thought I was the s****. I think the only reason I got to go back was, I was already booked for the next tour. When I went back the next tour, just wrestling as myself. Choshu said “you’re not the same guy that was Super Liger are you.” I said “yeah.” He said “Super Liger was the shits, but you’re good. Very good.” Anyways, from now on I just went as Chris Jericho which worked out better for me anyways, so.

Q:His thoughts on Wrestling With Shadows and is The Dungeon really like that ?

A:First of all I thought it was excellent. It was a really well done movie. Whether you like wrestling or not. You have to appreciate the story of it. I specifically liked the stuff with Stu, because that’s kinda how I trained. That’s how The Dungeon is. What they didn’t show was how Stu gets you into those holds is by saying “he let me show you this one.” It’s not like he can attack you and kind of stretch you down. I mean the guy is 84 years old, and he was 74 when I trained with him. But, he could still probably beat all of our asses up if he gets the right hold on you. As you saw in that movie. Really good stuff.

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