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curt hennigThis Pro Wrestling Radio classic features the late WWE intercontinental champion and WWE Hall of Fame wrestler, “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig. The WWE Hall of Fame wrestler shoots hard on a variety of topics. Originally broadcast November 22, 2000. This was one of my favorite Pro Wrestling Radio interviews due to Curt’s sense of humor and candor about his career.

Some of the topics discussed between Curt and I were-…
– his departure from the WWE
– training Brock Lesnar
– his WCW run
– wrestling Dennis Rodman
– thoughts on DDP’s book
– his AWA career
– great road stories
– watching the Monday Night Wars
– whether he burnt a bridge with Vince McMahon
– what happened to the West Texas Rednecks and who he blames for it
– shooting an angle with Stone Cold Steve Austin
– Triple H
– the rise of the New World Order
& so much more…

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