Edge Pro Wrestling Radio Interview 1999

Edge WWEFormer WWE champion and WWE Hall of Fame superstar Edge stopped by Pro Wrestling Radio on July 10, 1999. Edge came by the show to sign autographs and later called in for a quick call. This was a unique opportunity to talk to a new WWE superstar at the beginning of his ascension to pro wrestling greatness.

Q: I ask him about rumors that he and Christian were trying to bring Johnny Swinger to the WWF?

Edge: Well I have been hearing these rumors and he is a good buddy of mine cause we trained together but I’ve never contacted anybody about him coming up cause I mean, he’s signed down there so, he’s under contract down there and not much you can do right? He is a good friend of mine though

Q: I jokingly ask him about rumors of him being gay?

Edge: (laughs) No those are untrue too, but I heard those ones. You know you’re always gonna get people saying stuff like that but if you get all defensive about it then people gonna wonder “is it true?” I just laugh it off. (laughing again)

Q: I ask him about his wrestling background before the WWF?

Edge: Yeah, actually I’ve been wrestling for six years, about seven and a lot of people don’t really realize that because they consider it once you started in the WWF that’s where you started. I trained in Toronto, wrestled all across Canada, drove across frozen lakes, and slept on blue mats and ate cans of tuna, went all cross the eastern seaboards, went to Japan with Christian. So we wrestled all over the place and word got out about us I guess and little by little people started to take notice and then went down signed a contract, did the training camp, and that was the start of it.

Q: What do you think about the WWF’s recent acquisition of Chris Jericho?

Edge: I think it’s great cause he’s a buddy, so it’s another traveling companion. And he’s a great talent, he’s entertaining to watch and it’ll just add to our show that much more.

Q: What’s it like working with the Hardy Boyz?

Edge: It’s great and I think for fans that like pure wrestling, it’s one of the matches to watch. Not to compare us to these kind of guys but when I grew up I was watching the Rockers and he Brainbusters and teams like that and I think hopefully kids are watching the Hardyz and the Brood and thinking “wow, that’s some good tag team wrestling.” Cause we’re having a lot of fun with it, and they’re good guys to work and I think it’s a good feud and hopefully it’ll keep going for a while maybe up into Summerslam. Who knows?

I compare the feud to the Rock and Roll Express-Midnight Express feud

Edge: That’s a you know, I don’t wanna say it, but if that’s what people think great. That’s a total compliment.

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