Eric Gargiulo Diary January 4, 2002

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I sit down to write this commentary with not a whole hell of a lot to say. I have not wrote one in a few weeks because things have just been dead. To be honest, after COD 3 I wanted to take a little break from wrestling. It really took a lot out of me as I am sure it did for the rest of our family. So I will kind of jump around here today and just talk about whatever comes fresh to mind.

The next CZW event is a week and a few days away. I am more anxious than ever to do this show. I think what we have planned so far is going to blow the roof off of the place and of course as usual with CZW shows, expect some surprises. That is the beauty of these shows in that you never know what will happen or who will appear. Will the show be 11 matches and end after 2 AM/EST? Absolutely not! We have learned our lesson and the show will be trimmed. The same non stop action, high flying, and violence will remain the same. If anyone is in doubt about where to spend their money this month on a show, it is CZW next Saturday night.

Some of you may have read various reports about who will and won’t be there next Saturday night. The bottom line is that unless you work within the company, you really do not know what is going to happen. Sure, you can speculate but that is all it is. Even working within the company does not always guarantee that you will know what is going down and with who. We will also have much more staff and the lines will be run a hell of a lot more smooth. In all of the reporting on how bad our lines were at the last show, not many outlets have reported the statements made by various people in CZW, including Zandig on the fan board which said that we will have more staff and the lines will be run much more smooth. There is one guy that I am sure cannot wait until this Saturday, and his name is Justice Pain.

Anyone that knows me in and out of the business knows that I am a huge fan of this guy. I watch tapes from all over the country from various indie leagues on a regular basis. As an employee of CZW, and more importantly a wrestling talk show host, I like to know what the hell is going on and with who. It boggles my mind how the wrestling media overlook this kid for his talents and potential. In my opinion, there is nobody better out their on the indies than Justice Pain. That is a bold statement to make, but I honestly believe it. I say that not as an employee of the company, but as a student of the business. I take nothing away from the others on the indies, because there is some damn good talent. To me, Pain is the total package.

There is nobody I can see in and out of our company that would make a better champion. He has the look of a world champion. You go around these days and see a lot of champions that are out of shape or maybe too short, too light, etc. This kid has a million dollar look and a work ethic to booth. His skills are unquestionable. The psychology and the way he wrestles are just what you would expect from a company’s heavyweight champion. Every match I have seen him have this year has been excellent. His match with Johnny Kashmere against the Briscoes is my take for match of the year. The kid just can flat out go. Yet, in rankings and national articles, nobody gives the kid his due. All everyone talks about are guys like Mike Modest, Chris Daniels, Low Ki, Dylan Knight, Donovan Morgan, etc as the brightest stars on the indies. They are all awesome pieces of talent, but I would Pain in there with all of those guys any day of the week. He is the most versatile wrestler I have ever seen on the indies as he can get a great match out of anyone. Do I sound as if I am “marking out” for Justice Pain? Yeah, I am. Because the kid deserves his due.

The first show I ever called commentary for CZW on was Caged to the End. It was Pain vs. Ric Blade in a cage match with a scaffold on top. The two were doing spots and bumps on a tiny scaffold. I have never seen anything more impressive in my life. I ask you to pop in a CZW tape of Pain from 2000 and than a match from Pain in 2001 and you won’t see anyone else that has improved more. We have a really good class of guys nipping at his heels in CZW. However, I think it really is time that the media of this sport take notice at the talents and potential of this guy.

Last time out he told everyone that he wanted to have the match of his life against the Wifebeater. It was an awesome match, but completely overshadowed by the post match angle. The fans applauded the efforts of both wrestlers, but they may have been soon forgotten with the angle. I am sure that whoever his opponent is on the 12, will be in for a long night. Pain wants to reclaim the glory that was overshadowed at COD 3. Putting your money on him is a very smart bet.

I do not want to make this an entire pro-CZW column, so I will go in another direction for a minute. I recently got to watch the match from Staten Island, NY between Low Ki and Red from the summer. If there is any match you are going to buy from RF Video or get your hands on, this has to be it. This was a phenomenal match. It had great psychology and the action was non stop. I have never seen Red have a better match in his short career. Low Ki was equally impressive on this one. I know these two will be highlighted individually at the Ring of Honor. If this match ever gets put together again, make sure you drop whatever you are doing to see it or get the tape. The only negative about the match was the finish. Whoever booked that finish, should be shot in the head. Other than that, an incredible match.

I have read a few reports about the Briscoes’ current tour of Japan. Several reporters have said this was a dumb move or questioned it. I do not see why in the world it is a dumb or questionable move. First of all, I can tell you that CZW did not bring them over there to stick them in death matches. The tour is one match in. BJW has some decent wrestlers over there in Jun Kasai, Deisuke Sekimoto, Fantastik, Men’s Teioh and a few others. I am sure matches against any combination of those talents would be awesome. Trent Acid and Johnny Kashmere are two of the hottest indie talents out there.

If you asked Trent if his match with Winger at Korakuen Hall was a mistake I am sure he would tell you no. The Briscoes are short of two years in the business and are doing what some talents that have been in the business for 20 have never done. They are getting the experience of working a tour and more matches and making a nice little chunk of change for themselves. How is this a bad move? I received word from Japan and they are having a blast over there. If you ask the Briscoes where they want to be in 2 years, they will tell you CZW on a full schedule. They aren’t kids that got into this business to wrestle for the WWF, they got into it to wrestle the best talents that they could. Look at Sabu as an example. He wrestled all kinds of gimmick matches in FMW for a few years and later went on to wrestle for New Japan and All Japan.

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