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Pro Wrestling Radio July 10, 2013

Pro Wrestling Radio July 10, 2013 – Money in the Bank, Brock Lesnar, n.W.o.

luke_eric_no_pic_artPro Wrestling Radio is back with a new show taped live on July 10, 2013. If you missed the live event you can listen to the entire event right here which features all of the latest WWE news and TNA rumors.. Independent pro wrestling star Luke Hawx and I cover all of the latest WWE news, pro wrestling rumors, hot topics in the blogs, as well as share stories from our own pro wrestling careers. Hear the entire 60+ minute broadcast below or download it and listen later.

On this episode of Pro Wrestling Radio we talk about the following topics…

– WWE Money in the Bank Predictions
– Who will win, who should win MITB matches
– The debut of the Wyatt family
– Is Brock Lesnar dogging it
– TNA Wrestling’s recent talent cuts
– The 17 year anniversary of the n.W.o. & Hulk Hogan heel turn
– Steve Austin returning at WrestleMania, who he should wrestle
– Sting’s comments on what it takes to break out in TNA
– Modern day WWE feuds, which was the best
– Sunny’s latest stunt
– Recent comments from Jim Cornette regarding his run in ROH and fan reaction
– Is Daniel Bryan over
– XPW’s return
– Recent reports about Low Ki retiring
– Questions and comments from the chat room & more…

Remember you can now listen to the shows live and join the chat room right here on Pro Wrestling Radio on the Listen page as they happen. The next scheduled Pro Wrestling Radio broadcast is July 24.

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