Pro Wrestling Radio April 24, 2013

luke_eric_no_pic_art Pro Wrestling Radio is back for a 14th season! This is a brand new show, the first in over a year. I have changed up the format for the first time in over ten years and added a co-host to the podcast. Independent pro wrestling standout Luke Hawx is now the official co-host and Luke will join me on every edition of the Pro Wrestling Radio show to talk about the current scene, reflect on his career, and much more.

On this episode of Pro Wrestling Radio, we talk WrestleDraft and reveal who we would each take with our first draft picks and why. We look back at WrestleMania 29 & ahead to 30 and make predictions on the New Orleans event. We talk The Rock and whether we have seen the last of him in pro wrestling. We look at the 2014 Hall of Fame and who should get in. We explore Ryback and his heel turn and whether it came too soon.

Luke also has a lot to say on Extreme Reunion & Shane Douglas, wrestling on Jerry Lynn’s retirement event, working with Stevie Richards, how John Cena treats him and other enhancement talent, and much more on a brand new show!

The idea is to do shows every two weeks. The plan is to record the show over a live stream as well so people can listen live as well as open a Google Plus hangout so we can all chat during the show. I am excited to have the show back and I think you’ll really enjoy the new format.

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