Pro Wrestling Radio – June 07, 2010

Listen now to Pro Wrestling Radio show from June 07. Pro Wrestling Radio from June 07 featured open lines and discussion on pro wrestling and MMA. The phone lines were down so all questions came from the chat room. Topics include; Bret Hart, Tito Ortiz, TNA Impact, Reid Flair, The Undertaker, Ric Flair vs. HBK, and more.

Pro Wrestling Radio will return live on Monday June 14 at 7PM. Check back soon for more details. Listen live and join the chat room at

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  1. we have either one of two things here? All the Kos, BJ, Thiago, Hardy, Hughs, Fitch fans say GSP can’t finish? Either GSP does suck and all you guys holding on to the other fighters nuts saying they are the one who is gonna beat GSP……..Or is it saying something about GSP’s Opponents? Cause when your champion, the competition doesn’t decline, your opponents get bigger and better

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