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Saturday 4/14/01: I get to my radio station about an hour prior to showtime. So, I have a lot of time to kill. So I made some business calls from there. I called Bill Rednor first about a future show with Francine. We are still looking for sponsors to pick up her tab. So far, we are not having much luck. I called my friend Jean, who you may know as Jeanie Mae on GLOOW. I have know Jean for about four years and we have played phone tag for about 3 months now. Finally, I caught her and we made some plans to catch up. I then killed time until my radio show.

The show went really well I thought. When I mentioned that I thought pro wrestling was the greatest sport of all time, my producer practically laughed in my face. Well, FU to you too whether you read this or not. I tell you this, if I had a producer that actually liked my show and did not resent it, things would probably be a lot different. I have offered to run my own board and produce my own show. That has fallen on deaf ears. He did inform me that last week when I was at the karate center, we had a bunch of calls that my on site engineer never transferred over. So I apologize to anyone reading this that may have been left on hold. That alleviated a lot of concern, because the fact I only had about 3 calls last week worried me. The show this week was jammed from start to finish with calls about everything. It was a lot of fun and it makes my job so much easier. I am flattered that people would take time out of their beautiful Saturday afternoon to ask me my opinion. It is really something else if you ask me.

The show was over and I had about three hours to kill before I met up with Rob and Doug to drive over together to CZW in Smyrna, DE. Home of Jeff Rocker that is. So I pulled a girlie move and went clothes shopping. I bought three shirts, which was all worth it for the check out girl. She was hot, and very flirtatious. Sometimes its best not to ask for the numbers in these situations, because if she really was only flirting to be nice you don’t want to find out.

I then went over to Z Barr’s house to kill some time. I checked my email from there and became even more frustrated with my English teacher. We have been emailing back and forth about “missing assignments,” that I have and were graded. We also played a little Resident Evil 3 and watched some tapes. He told me how much he popped for my sell on his match from Dover, DE. with Johnny Kashmere. I knew he would, that was the one I cursed on the commentary for. I mentioned that in a previous diary. We then drove over to Rob’s together for the big Smyrna trip.

The ride was pretty uneventful. I read the newest Observer and the list of ECW debts from the sheet. We started ribbing Doug as usual about his extra curricular activities. We all compared work out tips and experiences. Rob fell asleep and the ride was actually very long and quiet.

We stopped at McDonalds. I went to use the bathroom and I ran into a group of listeners from my show, who are also CZW regulars. I called them stalkers and we all laughed. Rob, Barr, and Doug got their food and we all sat down. Than some worker came over to the trash can and started giving us dirty looks. Granted, she looked as if she could kick all of our asses, but we did nothing wrong. She brought it on herself. Than I accused her of taking E and I think someone asked her a sexual question and she looked even more angry. Than as we were leaving I believe Rob dumped his trash in a position that she didn’t like. She yelled and we yelled back. Can you believe this? This is an employee who was just starting trouble with an attitude. I said something to the manager as we were leaving, but seeing 8 guys in their teens-twenties walking out and laughing probably did not help matters.

As we pulled away, we saw a real crappy looking limousine pulling around. It looked like something out of the movie Car Wash, circa 1979. I joked it was my partner John “Hitman” House, and Barr laughed and said it really was. The guy takes a limo to shows, you gotta love that. More power to him! We got to the building and there was a nice line going around. That is always great to see. We sold out the building the last time around and gave them a great show and the “Dreamer surprise,”

I walked in the building and made some remark about a girl out front with a well endowed chest. The reason I point that out, is because that will become relevant later. I went straight to the locker room. I said hello to Dewey and Nick Gage. I overheard Ric Blade’s wife and former manager Shorti talking about a craving from a mile away and I made a joke about that. She is pregnant. She was sitting with Natasha also. I than put my bag with Barr’s in the corner. Danny Rose and Adam Flash were sitting there. I made a joke to Adam about seeing him just two days ago.

I went out to the ring where everyone was working out. I said my hellos and talked to Johnny Kashmere for a little while. I asked John Dahmer how his shoulder was and he said hurt. He looked like he was in pain. He asked for a tape of the last GLOOW show and I told him I would hook him up. I talked to the Smart Mark guys, who again failed to deliver the promised monitor. They told us about a glitch they had with the Corino show and how the commentary did not come out. Rob and I pretty much said, better them than his company. I went around and said hellos to everyone there. I then hung out with Rob for a while. We talked about some personal bs for a long time. RC was walking around testing the mic for what seemed to be forever. He “checked one” about fifty times. Finally, Nick Berk took the mic from him. If there is a guy that you do not want to have a mic, it is Berk.

Berk took the mic and walked around as if he was in a night club. I started screaming for Nicky Benz and he broke into the lounge singer character. He sang “Don Krachene,” and tried getting some participation from workers and company. Johnny, who was really seemed nervous and focusing on his match, just looked at him and looked over at me and started laughing. Ric and Trent were going over spots, and he interjected himself in there and made some really funny remarks. He then followed the owners wife and daughter around and made tried to get some participation out of them also. Hilarious, but not so smart. He then started telling cheesy jokes and popped me and Rob huge when he went up to someone and asked them “do you know who I saw last night,” he then said “everyone I looked at!” Rob and I popped huge for that one. Unfortunately, RC cut the mic and the show was over.

Justice Pain called me over and went over an angle they wanted to do outside. He told me there was a big crowd out front, and we went over the particulars. So I went outside and improvised and got the crowd going and then I interviewed John Dahmer and Eddie Valentine. They were then jumped by their opponents, Nick Gage and Nate Hatred. This all done to compensate for Dahmer’s bad arm. I thought the angle came off real nice.

Smart Mark’s Gary than rounded up Hitman and myself to do the open. Gary suggested we do it outside in front of the fire trucks. Jun Kasai came with us. We did the open and I think I got a little too fancy and became tongue tied. We then did a second take, which was so-so. I was not too proud of it, but those guys did not want to do another.

I then got with Justice Pain about the storyline involving Wifebeater. He wound up going to the UK and was not there that night. I asked him how we should explain that in the open and during the show. I offered a few suggestions and we came up with something together. I then talked to Johnny for a little bit. He expressed his concerns about his upcoming match. Some people may take him as cold when you meet him before a show. The kid is just so intense and so focused, that unless you know him, he may come off different. He expressed concern about being labeled and stereotyped about what he was going to do later. He also told me about the angle he was doing later that night. I asked him about spots and move names and I saw his opponent Nick Mondo not too far away.

I like Nick a lot and have not seen him for a while. I said hello and noticed a huge scar on his arm immediately. I asked him where he got that from and he told me the backyard stuff he did prior to wrestling. I like this kid a lot, but he does hardcore and he is really just too talented for it. He is a good looking kid, with a marketable look and his character is over without that. He told me some names of moves in his match and I moved on.

I than got with the Hurricane Kid and Rukus. Hurricane was debuting and I asked about his background and his finisher. He was very nice and humble. Rukus told me about a new move he was doing and a name for it. He is another great kid with a great attitude.

I than moved on to the Briscoes. I am a huge mark for these kids. I asked more about their background, because I want to pump as much info about them during commentary as I can. Jay told me about their football careers and their high school life. Eddie Valentine chimed in with his football stats. I joked that I will call him “a standout defensive lineman,” ALA Jim Ross. I popped half of the locker room with that.

I then got with Barr and Berk about some information for their match. I really did not need much, because there is enough of a storyline there to compensate for everything else. I suggested a spot where Berk would spank Barr, but Nick said he did not want his match to turn into a comedy match. He was right on that one. I suggested that Barr go for Zandig’s finisher the “Mother F’n Bomb.” He said that there is no way he could get Berk up for it, but I said that was the point. He is supposed to be little Zandig and think he can do anything, so he should go for Zandig’s finisher. He liked it and actually used it as part of the finishing sequence for their match. There is nothing wrong about making suggestions and inputting ideas, it is all in how you do it. If you walk around like a know it all, than you come off like a moron. If you are very humble and suggest your idea very humbly and with reason, than it is well appreciated.

I then went over to the line up sheet to write some stuff down. I did not understand the finish of the Trent-Blade-Reckless match. I asked Justice and Barr came over. I did not understand anything that was written down on the paper. It made little sense. They told me the finish was a double count out. I suggested that they could probably come up with something better. Barr than tried to reason the finish from Zandig’s view. I brought up the fact that in this same building last time, we had a screw-job finish for two of the same guys in Blade-Trent. Justice did not realize that and Trent than came over. I reminded him of the same thing and he agreed that they should change it. He remarked that the finish was ridiculous. He told me the original finish, which was even more strange. We all tried to brainstorm together, yet Barr kept repeating that John wanted it this way. Justice, who was in charge tonight really thought it should be changed as well. At that point, I just left and told the guys that whatever their finish was I would just call it as I see it then.

I talked to the rest of the guys about their matches. Jeff Rocker seemed a little cold towards me. I later found out that he was upset about some of the comments that we made about him on commentary. Maybe we went overboard on some things, but he is a heel and I think it could help him. He wants to shoot on us now in the ring, which I do not see the point of. Use the mic time to shoot on someone you are going to make money with, not the commentators. Not that I would have a problem with it, but just my opinion.

I ran into CZW photographer Craig Pendegrast. Craig took some shots of me and gave me the copies. He also took a pic of me and Kasai together. I admit, I marked out for the guy. Not so much that I am a fan of his, I just truly admire him as a crazy SOB. Now, it was show time.

The show was great as usual. The crowd was jam packed, with about 30 people standing, due to the company running out of chairs. So it was literally, standing room only. The crowd was super hot for the show and responded for everything. The first match saw Berk over Barr. The match was originally booked with Barr not wanting the match and then the whole locker room emptying and cutting him off. I told him that was ridiculous, and storyline was that is giving him way too much, because something like that should be saved for John. So it wound up just H8 Club members cutting him off. A real good match for these two and the psychology was fabulous. Berk came through the crowd with Barr and I was yelling for him to take it our way. They heard us and responded like pros. Barr is real over and his heat really put Nicky over as well. Nothing missed, and everything seemed real crisp.

The second match was Danny Rose and Jeff Rocker over The Briscoes. The Briscoes were on their game as usual. This was the best I have seen Rocker look since he came into the company. Danny Rose is really good. Everything he does looks solid and he never messes anything up. His stuff looks legit to me and he does a lot of little things, the less experienced guys do which add to a lot. He is a real good addition to our company. The Briscoes lost with a screw finish, but it all adds up in the storyline. I really tried to stress the Briscoes problems with Dewey, which is where they are heading.

Next up was Hatred and Gage over Dahmer and Valentine. I am a big supporter of Dahmer’s. I think he has improved a million times over and if the company develops a TV Title, he should be the man to get it. Together, he and EV are great together and maybe future champs. Gage and Hatred are really good together also. I think Gage is such a good singles performer, that sometimes that is overlooked in tag matches. Dewey, their manager is really underrated also. He is real active at ringside and when we get TV, he will be superb on promos. The match was kind of sloppy at times, but they had to compensate for Dahmer’s bad shoulder. I would really like to see these two teams go at it again, when Dahmer is 100%. I tried to put over a lot of key points about the different styles of both teams, and it was as if they heard me with they way this went.

The 3 Way was next. An awesome match as usual for these three. I think Reckless is the best worker in the company. He does the little things, like Danny Rose I mentioned earlier that nobody else does. He can truly work. They had a good storyline going through the match. It was announced as elimination rules, which is something that was changed when I left the locker earlier. Reckless was pinned and eliminated. That was also changed after I left. That shows how much of a pro that guy is. Most of those guys back there are, and I really never heard anyone complain about doing job. Except one guy, which I won’t even get into it is so ridiculous. I heard after the match that John is going to be upset that Reckless got pinned, so we will see. Trent and Ric than wound up going outside, where Ric did a swanton bomb off a truck about 15 feet in the air. A truly amazing feat, although it was hard to see it. That move took something out of both me and they then did the double count out finish. They both got back in the ring and Trent did some really awesome mic work. However, in my eyes I really do not think he even should have been able to get up that quickly and react with such a move. Hey, it’s my diary. Ric then tied Barr up to the post outside the ring. He was supposed to stay there all night. He then grabbed a fluorescent light tube and teased as if he was going to hit the Barr. I got kind of scared for the kid at that point. He did not connect or attempt to hit him.

Unfortunately, after his mic work Ric dropped the mic and blew it out. The first thing I was told in ECW was to never drop the mic. Well, it was blown out and we took a non-planned intermission. The whole time was Barr was stuck tied to the post. I went in the back for a little at intermission, but I did not want to go far. They had to fix the mic, because we had segments that were necessary for storylines. Well, they patched in a wired mic somehow and we were back and running.

Next was the Jimmy Washington segment. They turned it into Johnny Kashmere coming out and quitting the company. This was a “shoot angle” that was a play on JK really quitting on two previous occasions. Nobody bought it for a few reasons. One, he should have came out dressed in street clothes. Two, his music should not have played. These are the little things that CZW need to address at times that mean so much. They turned it into Justice Pain and JK against Kasai and Nick Mondo in a fans supply the weapons match. Just about every sick object was brought by the fans tonight in Delaware.

This was the second sickest match I have ever seen. The match between Gage-Beater from 6/25/00 with 200 light bulbs outdoors is still number one. But Kasai put on a Beater like performance. They used about 40 light bulb tubes, a guitar with bulbs and barbed wire, a barbed wire board and bat and everything else. I do not know how these men have the pain tolerance that they do. It is beyond me how that is humanly possible. Mac Smak and Justin Kase joined us for commentary. Justin did not have a lot to say and I tried feeding them stuff. I wish in a way we could have done the commentary ourselves, because this was such an awesome match. I was really funny with some lines for some reason and popped Smak a few times and he even commented that I was very witty. Hitman had an awesome line when Kasai grabbed a barbed wire stuffed bunny and I asked what he was gonna do with that and his response was “Kasai is in heat!” It popped everyone in earshot. Johnny put on a hell of a performance, considering that he was not used to this style match. Kasai was just a bloody mess and you could have connected 3000 dots with the open wounds on his back. He is truly a crazy wrestler and maybe the craziest I have ever seen. He is also a great worker and has awesome facials. The match ended and the place was going nuts. The crowd was red hot and those four kids were quite an inspiration. To top it off, they lit Kasai’s monkey tail on fire. I heard them discuss that happening a week ago in Sewell. That was Smack’s idea. Now was intermission and time to set up the barbed wire.

Well, talk about killing a crowd. The wire took nearly 45 minutes to set up. The crew setting it up were not even wearing gloves. The crowd was dead after the set up. During intermission I went to the bathroom and heard a ton of commotion. I came out and missed the girl I noticed when I entered the building removing her top for Trent and the onlookers. Well, Zandig’s wife who was also in charge freaked out! To say that is an understatement. First she yelled at Trent. I really think she was out of line in this case. Her argument was that there was children there. What the f**k are children doing at a CZW show in the first place? Second off, this is the wrestling business. This is not the Philadelphia Orchestra. CZW wrestling for that matter. She had a valid point in that she should not have pulled her top up in such an open area, but I remember in ECW in Queens when the women were encouraged to do that. I just think she was out of line to talk to a guy that just busted his ass again for the company earlier that night. She and the security guard than went out and yelled at the girl. OK, it was not like she took a toy out and started doing things with it. Big deal, what’s done is done. It was pretty embarrassing as a company employee to say the least. When she walked away I joked with Trent and said “What are you doing, this is a family show for God’s sake?” He popped huge. I also went in the back to check on Kasai. I saw Rob filming him getting stitched. Priceless shots. I then wound up talking to these girls with Doug that he had met at Corino’s show on Thursday. They drove all the way for Virginia for CZW. That is a hell of a compliment. It was hardly a pick up session, as much as I was just bored to death at this point. I than ran into some kid in the locker room who is a CZW student. He was walking around acting all obnoxious and goofy. I told him that I thought he was an idiot and should be out there offering to help with the barbed wire or doing something else. The kid had no etiquette whatsoever. I told him that when he goes out there for a couple years like Nick Berk, than he can be goofy, but he should sit back here, shut up, and try and learn as much as he can. He took it personally, but that is the problem with half of these kids. Nobody teaches them any etiquette. Z Barr was walking around the locker bragging about getting some girl’s number. Later that night she told him to give it to Trent. We then went over to the RF Video table. Some drunk fans came to the table and he started heeling them out. They almost jumped him until security came over. He then spit on them. Pretty funny stuff, and it was nice to see the guys in character when they walk around, unlike those JAP shows from 3 weeks back.

Now it was show time. Well, the crowd was dead and rightfully so. First off, nothing short of murder was going to top the last match. Secondly, the 45 mn. delay killed the momentum. The match was kept short as I think both guys realized they were fighting a losing battle. Take away the previous match and the delay, and the fans would have loved this one. Pondo is like the Sandman of CZW.

Right after the show the Briscoe’s Mom came over and told me that we were the hardest workers on the show. While we work for a full 3 hours, our work is much different from the boys and without the boys you have no show. I thanked her and told her that her boys will have developmental deals in a year or two. At their ages, to have the dedication, humility, and discipline they have must come from somewhere and I think it shows just the fact their mother is always there supporting them and is really smart about the business.

I went to the back to hang out until I got paid. I saw Kasai still getting stitched up. The medics were using Doug as an interpreter as far as diagnosis, etc. I talked to Reckless for a while. He was telling me some great Memphis stories. As a Memphis fan, I told him I could hear them all night. His rubber chicken story is hilarious and a classic. We also talked about the frustrations of the business as well. The fire alarm went off and the firemen really had a fire to put out. Some of the firemen were tripping over their stuff putting their uniforms on. Some of the boys were laughing and Reckless and I just looked at each other. Reckless then told the boys how unfunny that really was.

I talked to Jay Briscoe for a little while. He told me that he is only a Junior in school while his brother is a Sophomore. Truly amazing in my eyes. At his brother’s age I was competing in basement leagues. Most kids talk about it, while they do it. I told him that I made something up on commentary at the last show about them missing their proms to be at the last show. He laughed and said he really was missing his prom to come to the next Seawall show.

I talked to Johnny for a little while. I told him I thought he did a great job and wanted to check on his condition. While he liked it, he was real concerned about being stereotyped. I also asked him about some kid from a EWF show the night before that screwed up his finish. He told me the story, and sometimes I can’t believe these guys trust others they don’t even know with their bodies.

I got paid and said my good-byes to everyone. I talked to Justice for a little about his upcoming BJW tour. He told me they only have one day off. He also told me he was real excited to work Masato Tanaka and Jedo on the last night of the tour. Doug told him to tell Tanaka they’d take him to Daydreams if he came back. I joked and mimicked Tanaka as if he would actually agree to come over just for that. Everyone popped.

We left and stopped at a close Wawa. We got some sandwiches and the lady was a real freaking bitch. I don’t understand the customer service in Smyrna. It sucks! I ordered a Meatball sandwich with provolone cheese. I asked her during the order to melt it. I saw her make the deal and she did not melt the cheese. I asked her when she handed it to me if she melted it. She responded “it’ll melt.” I then said that was not good enough and to melt it. What a real freaking bitch. She should be fired and let me tell you this. I will make sure from now on to stop at that Wawa after every Smyrna show and make her life a living hell. You will be melting the entire store before the end of the year. There was something funny about the girl from McDonalds, but this woman was another story.

We then talked about the ups and downs of the show on the way home. Doug was rushing as usual to get home to go out. Tom watched his match on the cam and we all watched Kaiser’s unreal performance. Something you have to see to believe. Then a car full of real pretty blondes pulled up next to us. Rob and I made motions as if to lift their tops. They did! All this on I-95. Maybe it was Mardi Gras Saturday and we did not know it. The one girl then held up her cell phone and started screaming numbers out. Rob called and got a voice mail. Slowly the car started to fade in the distance. The next day Rob told me they called and told him they broke down. That is what you get for pulling your tops up to strangers. The sad part is if they asked us to pull over, Doug was so hell bent on going out, he would not have. I did not make it home until after 2 AM. Just another Saturday in my life.

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