Saturday 5/12/01

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Saturday 5/12/01

This was one of the wildest Saturdays I can ever remember. It was the day that I theoretically was to be in three places at one time. Since I am not a Marvel Comics super hero that was impossible.

Today my niece was scheduled to be born. I was and am very excited about the new family member. I love children and my sister’s birth was a blessing to our family in a month, that over the years has not been to kind for us. The time or even if they delivery would happen at all were still up in the air.

GLOOW had their second national television taping at the Philadelphia Guard Armory. A local show about 30 minutes from my house. Who would not want to be one of 4-5 guys in a locker room of 15-20 women? I have been working for GLOOW for 9 weeks now and I have yet to even meet half of the crew. I know Jeanie Mae very well, as she has been a close friend of mine for about 5 years. I have met her “sisters” Daisy and Ellie in passing at a voice over session. I also had the pleasure of meeting Tai, but again only in passing at the studio.

Of course, CZW was also running a huge show in Smyna, DE. I had been excited for this show, since the line up was released. All matches really seemed to stick out and make this one a classic show. No matter how many places I work, CZW will always have a special place in my heart and my loyalty. That is the company that took a chance on me and gave me a shot. The locker room have embraced me as part of their family, as I have embraced them. John has been a dream to deal with as a boss. I can tell you some stories about some promoters, and by far for me John has been the fairest and easiest to get along with over the years. Probably the least intimidating also, to me anyway. He treats you like a member of his family, and most importantly like a human being. I have never had to wait for pay from him, and honestly to be paid at all is rare on the indies. I cannot tell you over the years how many guys just did not have the money when the show was over. He is a stand up guy in my opinion, and has always been honest with me.

Of the three, I chose to attend and work for CZW. While I was excited about my sister’s birth, the birth was questionable on that day. Plus, how many military soldiers or even people in the business miss their own wives birth for that matter. As for Gloow, I was bothered about missing a television taping. However, nothing was planned for me that I was aware of that was of my importance for being there. Everything I do is studio work at this point. Plus, I was always taught in the business to be loyal to those that were loyal to you. Taking the booking with the best pay day, exposure, etc can sometimes make you a whore so to speak. John was counting on me to be there, and that is where I would be. Quite honestly, I am also a fan of the product. I am not saying CZW is perfect or the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I really enjoy the shows. I will definitely be making all future GLOOW television tapings. I really enjoy the GLOOW product as well as of late.

I brought my 14 yr. old brother on the road with me today. He was going to CZW shows with me from the beginning. He was always welcomed in their locker room, and the boys really liked him. They liked his enthusiasm and the etiquette he showed. I have given him a million speeches on etiquette and he has always been great. He had not gone with me to a show at all in the last 10 months, due to his school work. I promised him if he brought his marks up, he is more than welcome to hit the road with me. The grades have been great, and the passenger seat was filled.

The radio show went incredibly smoothly. We had a new intern there to answer the phones, which pleased my brother Josh. He was going to help out and do the phones, unwillingly so. The lines were jammed the entire show and I felt we had some great dialogue. Derek Sabato has been calling in lately, and he has really helped fuel some CZW talk. I tried to pump the GLOOW and CZW shows, as well as talk about the declining WWF ratings. I think I even detected some fresh voices this week. It is the best and I am even luckier to get a great pay day for doing this kind of radio show. I would say 90% of the wrestling radio shows on the air or either paid for by the hosts or given to them, but without pay. I am truly lucky, and WBCB is great to work for. Sometimes, I wish they would support the show more. My show has always been jammed with calls and from what I gather the other shows are not. Hopefully we can get some more promotion into the show.

As I was pulling out of the parking lot to leave the studios, I noticed that my Mom had called my cellphone. I listened to the message and my sister was off to the races at 12:45PM/EST. My brother and I were really excited and kept talking about the impending baby. Now we were off to CZW’s Z. Barr’s house to meet up with him. The three of us were riding to the show together. There was a chance that I was going to have to swing by the armory and cut some promos with the girls, but I never got the call.

We stopped at Wawa and picked up some lunch. A protein bar and water for me, and Hot Fries and Powerade for Josh. Barr was having a yard sale and was in glory that some moron spent $250 on his old toys. We hung out at Barr’s for what seemed to be forever. We watched some WWF 1998 television tapes. It was the week before Wrestlemania and talk about how the times changed. My favorite era of WWF is 1997-98. It was more creative and there were not as many stupid angles. Plus, they had HBK every week. Watching than, who would have thought three years later Triple H would be the star? The day just seemed like it was moving slower than a Viscera match.

During the stay at Barr’s, he was on the phone with someone from the office. They were going over ideas for tonight’s show. Barr was trying to get himself into the 3-Way match. I suggested that he wrestle Dahmer. The Big Dealz-H8 Club connection would be pushed on commentary and the suggestion was made and the match was signed. Barr also informed me of all the changes in the line up. I was starting to rethink my CZW decision, and thinking I would have been better off at GLOOW.

We finally hit the road at a little after four o’clock. Barr flew through the state of PA to Delaware. We were so early, we decided to stop for food. Barr asked me about a name for his finisher. He tried to explain to me what it was. We threw names around and forget which of us came up with it, but we came up with “Fluff.” I started telling him that it would be great because on commentary I can say “he just got fluffed by Z. Barr.” It was over for sure. I am all about trying to eat healthy, but to call a show for 3 hours a protein bar at 1:30 was not going to cut it. We stopped at the same McDonalds as last time.

Read the last diary, to get the low down on that trip. Ironically enough, we ran into Vince from Croydon, Brian and his brother Jimmy. Loyal supporters of the radio show for three years. No bitchy employees this time, thank God. I ordered what came out to be 1,000g or carbs and doubled in fat. But, luckily for my eating habits I won a free apple pie. So now it was up 1500g of carbs.

We got lost making the final treck to the show. Barr and I argued about directions and he was wrong. I usually do not pay attention to direction, but last time I remember seeing John House’s limo make a right at a certain light. So we finally found the building and we were very late. It was about 6:30, by the time we finally entered the building. I like to get there about 60-30mns earlier. To go over angles, promos, finishes, matches, moves, etc. This one was cutting it tight big time.

The first person I see as I entered the show was RF Video’s Doug Gentry. So that was cool, we exchanged pleasantries but he was busy and so was I. Than I arrived in the locker room. The next person I saw was Adam Flash. We seem to have a running joke, because we have seen a lot of each other lately at indie shows. So I joked around and said hello. I heard that he was double booked that night and had to go to a charity thing. I asked him about it. He informed me it was actually some party with strippers. Some things never change. He is a real good guy though, and I am real psyched he is in CZW.

I than saw John House in a corner with a lap top and the Spanish Announce Team. I said hello to everyone, again the SAT’s are real good people. I love those kids, and hope they become a success. We exchanged the usual hugs and hellos. I asked John what he was doing and he informed that he was interviewing them for the site. I mentioned that I hope he uses a spell check this time, which was meant with a ton of laughter from the locker room, the loudest from Mac Smack. John, did not seem to find it funny.

I made the rounds, and the International trio of Wifebeater, Justice Pain, and John Zandig were all in a corner. Nick Gage was hanging around as well. I said hello to everyone and asked them how their tour went. It was received with grunts and groans as far as the tour. Wifebeater told me that they only two days off and one of the days that they did not even get to a hotel and had to sleep through the night on the bus. Justice told me that he was sick and went over there with something that got worse. I asked him about his match with Masato Tanaka and Gedo and Jedo, and he told me it was changed and they never worked. That sucks, because I know he was looking forward to working those guys.

The boss was another story. He looked like pure hell, like a championship boxer days after a 15 round decision. He just looked worse than I had ever seen him or anyone for that matter. He talked with a real quiet voice, and had a bandage on his face. I told him flat out,” Boss, with all do respect you look like shit.” He smiled and replied that he felt like shit. He had a busted ear drum and that was the problem. A Wifebeater clothesline wound up nailing his ear. He said he had not slept in days and had a constant ringing in his ear. Between all of the injuries of those three, that is why the card was changed. He explained some of the new matches and angles for the night. We went over everything in depth, and I had a million questions as always. He also asked me how things were progressing with the DVD, and we talked about that for a little.

At this point I made my rounds around the locker room asking guys about specific moves they were doing, etc. Ric Blade told me that they were going to do a “three story superplex.” I asked what it was and he smiled and said that I will know it when I see it. The SAT’s told me that they were changing the name of their finisher to the Spanish Fly. Ric then asked me who did commentary with me on the last tape. Now, I do a lot of tapes so I had no idea which show he was referring to. He said he was not sure, but that whoever was with me was “an idiot.” I laughed and he said he was serious and that the person with me was making Ralph Maccio references, etc. Rob Feinstein. Personally, I have an absolute blast doing videos with Rob, but we are not the most serious guys when doing the JAP videos. That was what he was referring to. Thank God, I was spared on this one. While I think it is funny, I can see where he is coming from.

I then got with Trent Acid for a little bit. After the usual hug was exchanged, we talked about his matches. He told me he was not going to do a lot with Fujita, since he was working Johnny later. I think a lot of the “reporters” missed that when reporting that match. I than got with Johnny with for a few. Some people say that Johnny is sort of cold at the shows. It is not that at all. He is just so focused on doing well and is going through all of his stuff in his head. I then moved on to the Briscoes. Jay had informed me that tonight was indeed his Junior Prom night. He also told me that his date was upset or “pissed” at him for breaking their date. I thanked him for the material, and he laughed.

I was than cornered by John Dahmer and Dewey Donovan. Both are big fans of GLOOW. They just continued to put over my efforts on the show and they both just kept asking me questions about the product. It is real flattering, because I think both of them are very talented in their own right. So we talked GLOOW for a little bit. I than asked John about his match with Barr. I asked him what he was using as a finisher. I suggested the Orange Crush and he smiled huge and agreed that would work.

Mike from Smart Mark got Hitman and I together to film some stuff. They wanted some stuff for the television pilot. So we filmed some closes for the upcoming show. We then did an open for the video on tonight’s show. I don’t know what it was but Hitman kept messing up. I was trying real hard not to laugh, but it was funny. He got real frustrated and said he did not want to do it. I finally talked him into it and told him I mess up a ton myself, I just try and cover it up. We did the open, and it worked.

The show was about to start and I gave my brother my cell phone. As excited as I was for the show, I was worried I had not heard anything from home. That was my main concern. So I told him to get me at the table if he heard anything.

It was finally showtime, and to tell you I did not have adrenaline rush would be a lie. It was real cool cause I was doing commentary right next to Rob Feinstein. It was a great spot too, as the vantage point was great. All thoughts negative about the show change were gone.

You could not have asked for a better opener. It was great seeing Adam in there and I hope I educated the viewers who had never seen Adam before. Adam was great and he and Nick together made each other look super. I know a lot about Adam so it was a real easy match to call.

The next match was sort of a surprise. Jeff Rocker really looked good in this one. He has been upset with mine and Hitman’s commentary on the tapes about him. I was just trying to get him over as a heel, but he saw differently. He has been the only person ever to get offended at us. So, since he is the worker I tried to do less cutting and more seriousness with him. Ruckus looked great as usual, and the match went well. It was just enough time, no missed moves, and EV is pushed again.

Next was Z. Barr-Dahmer. The sound guy completely screwed up the music, but Smack was a pro and covered it up completely. Barr had his best outing yet since returning from the knee injury. The match was real smooth and I can’t say anything negative on it at all. Barr came out of this looking a lot stronger, and I made sure to put that over on the commentary. As for the Fluff, I told him I think it is too much. A finisher should be something you nail quickly. Like a move that goes BAM! This one was a little too long, but it had potential. I screwed up bigtime and when Dahmer went for the finisher I called it an orange crush, but he never jumped and wound up sitting out into a Falcon Arrow. Sometimes in cases like this, knowing too much hurts you. Thinking the finish was the crush, I just called it. I was wrong and feel real dumb even now.

Fujita-Trent was next and that was a real good match I thought. Fujita got kind of shorted by Trent working twice. Nothing was missed and everything was real smooth. Fujita is a hell of a talent. The deal was set up real nice with JK and Trent for later. I will talk more about JK later. The highlight was when I made a comment about Fujita having a ceisure at one point during the match and I popped Rob Feinstein.

At intermission I just kind of floated around the back. Nick Mondo found me and told me he saw the tape of the last show and loved my commentary. He said I did a real good job of getting everything over. Again, I thanked him. I went out of my way to tell Nick back in February that I thought he was doing a real good job and improving. It was nice that he did the same exact thing. I talked a little with Dewey and Gage about the upcoming angle with the Briscoe’s parents. I asked Nick if he knew what they looked like, and I joked how funny it would be if they stood behind the wrong couple. Mark Briscoe also informed that his brother was throwing up because he was so nervous. I checked on Jay, because as a family member would I did. He was OK. Still, no word yet from home.

The show started and guess who had no idea. I had no clue the show started and someone grabbed me. I had to make a call here. The Briscoes were on the mic setting up Blade as a mystery partner. If I went through the curtain at the wrong time I could have blown the whole thing. I used a judgment call and timed it and just bolted through. Luckily, I was OK on it. When I got to commentary, I made up some story about breaking a story. It was actually pretty funny, as I have never ever done that before. Missed our return from intermission.

WWhat can I say about the Briscoes/Blade and SAT’s. Amazing and phenomenal. Maybe Ric’s best match in ages with CZW. The SAT’s and the Briscoes have a magic about them. Like Christian-Edge Vs The Hardyz series, it is so rare you get two of the best teams of the future in there with each other. It is almost like a dream match. The crowd actually yelled “F*ck the Hardyz.” Not that they did anything wrong, and that they probably even cared making their salary and being stars. But, it was quite a statement to these kids. That’s like yelling f*ck Shawn Michaels a few years back. The angle at the end with the parents, was a Dewey Donovan creation. During the last JAP show at the ECW Arena he told me the idea and I popped huge. The Briscoe’s parents are always at the shows and the dad is quite a cheerleader. We rib them sometimes in good fun, but how rare is it that anyone that came up through the business had this much support at home? The angle at the end was great, and I kind of went overboard on the commentary. I cursed again and made a hypocrite of myself. The angle was just too great not to put over how much those heels were bastards. But, I really need to police myself sometimes.

Next up was the intermission. Unfortunately, this stuff was cut out by Smart Mizark video. Some really old unattractive woman won the raffle. I went off on Hitman and made accusations of about her being his ex wife. What was so great about it was the fact that he went along with it. It was truly priceless video and probably some of the funniest stuff you will ever hear. I will attempt to get this portion of the video.

JK and Trent were up. I think the best thing that ever happened for both of these two was the break up of their team. A lot of people questioned Johnny’s skills as a Backseat and even Johnny himself did. He has been unbelievable since the split and works his ass off each time out. His fire that he showed really made the match in my eyes. It made it as believable as you can get in a wrestling match. The spots with Barr, reminded of the old Raven-Dreamer matches where Dreamer would take numerous shots during the match at Raven’s flunkies. Barr sold great for the spots as well. The match was short, but enough time to make the build up worth while. The fans are never really into Johnny at the start of the matches, but he really wins them over by the end each time out. Except for that “feuded” promo. The stuff at the end was great with them shaking hands and really brought a new dimension to each of them. Honestly, anything else is foolish. They team everywhere, including a stint on WWF television, so a feud is kind of unbelievable with an issue. Zandig announced that JK was fired and at this point I am under the understanding that he is. From what I was told after the event he got his bag and gimmicks and just stormed out, not without having words with someone. I was not there, so I do not know. From there they went into Zandig-Beater, and than Mondo-Pain.

The next series of events were interesting. John had told me earlier that the whole cluster was because the boys who just got back from Japan were just not in any shape to work. They all had this huge brawl with every gimmick you could imagine. This would have been good to climax a feud, but in my opinion it was way too much. Those guys are all super talented and can go out there with one or two bulbs and get the same thing going. It was like watching a drunk driver out of control. I did not like it, and with so much great wrestling earlier they did not need this. It satisfied the bloodletters that came to the show, but that was all. During the event I got particularly concerned when my good friend Doug Gentry over at RF Video got cut. Although knowing him, he loved every minute of it. Barr came over to do commentary during this one and at the time I was pissed. I thought of all times to come over, not during the main event. I was wrong, as after watching the video it was great stuff. John won the belt and during his promo the building guy pulled the plug and stopped the show. He was on pins and needles all night, as earlier that night he yelled at Smart Mark for taping from the position they were in. I did not know what was going on, I just figured Ace Robinson was running the sound again. At this point Hitman and I wrapped up the show and off to the back I went.

I was walking back and several people stopped me along the way. I was getting upset, because I was looking for my brother. If a riot or the cops were going to raid the building, I wanted him with me. So I was trying to be polite as I could but short. Finally I found him in the locker room with Doug as Doug was getting stitched up. Doug was my next concern and I checked on him. At this point every rumor was flying around the back imaginable, from the cops are coming and they are going to arrest everyone, to Dennis Coraluzzo just donated 50 bucks to the senior citizens center. I was not worried at all honestly, unlike some people.

My attitude was that I did nothing wrong, and I have no criminal background so I had nothing to fear. Brian Logan was talking as if he was fearful and his quote, “I wonder if we are still getting paid” was interesting. I went to the bathroom for my post show leak and I saw one half of the CZW tag champs Nate Hatred in there. Nate is a real cool guy and I usually goof around with him when I see him. He asked me what I heard about the cops and I told him. He said he had outstanding tickets so he hoped that would not happen. I told him when they ask him his name tell them Nate Hatred. We both laughed and he said he’d tell them he was from hell. I than went to the back and was real worried about what was going on at home. Finally, at about 11:45 my Mom called to inform me that at 8:41 PM/EST my niece Alexa Rae was born. I was ecstatic and I was told mother and daughter were fine. In the middle of the conversation Joe L. Maximo made his way over to say good-bye and when he went to hug, I told him I was on the phone and couldn’t. Some of the boys walked by and asked about the baby and I told them the good news. I put my brother on the phone with my Mom and I went to go give Joe L that hug.

At this point everything was kind of quiet and John came over to talk to me about television. We talked and made some arrangements for voice-overs and he told me what he wanted. I than hung out a little with the Spanish Announce Team and they were telling us their “rat story” from Pottstown. John Dahmer than came over and we chatted for a while about his match, etc. The moment I dreaded worse came at this point. All night I avoided it, but finally Jeff Rocker cornered me. He told me that he needs our help with putting him over and to stop all the corny stuff. He was actually very cool about it and we were laughing at several things. I told him he would be happy with the night’s commentary, as I really did put him over. He looked real good that night I thought. Finally, Rob Hartog came around with the pay days and it was time to go home. But, the best was yet to come.

At this point Mrs. Hartog, who you all know as the ticket lady brought the building guy in the back. She went at it with him and laid the smacketh down on his candy ass. Everyone in the back stopped to watch this. She was amazing, she pointed out the show from last month and why they shut us down tonight when we did the same thing last month. She also brought up all the money we had drawn for his building, etc. He really was dumbfounded and very calm. John got involved at this point and everyone was talking as if Mrs. Hartog saved the building. Dahmer said to me that we see who wears the pants in that family, and I joked if it was the same with him and Amy. At this point it was real late and I wanted to go home. Barr, Josh, and I said our good-byes and off we went.

The drive home was interesting. I got to hear about Barr’s 5 minute match for two hours. I kobashed the usual post-show diner meal at Suburban House in Langhorne. We were going to possibly meet up with Rob there. I opted for the 5 minute stop with Josh at 7-11 minutes from my home. Barr is one hell of a talker and about 30 minutes into the trip I had to resort to the fake laughs. The only one I can’t get that over on his Feinstein, as neither can he. But, we can fake laugh anyone. As I got in my car to go home, Rob called and wanted to meet up at the diner. I wanted to get up bright and early to see my new niece, so at this point I called it a night and again another day on the road.

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