Saturday 6/9/01

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Saturday 6/9/01:

I was so exhausted from the previous night, I really did not know how I was going to do this. I was tired with little sleep. My voice was on a shoe string and barely there. The thing about CZW, is you can never say no. It is hard to tell someone you can’t do commentary cause your voice is going, when these guys kill themselves night in and night out.

I rode to the show with Robby Mireno. Robby and I have been friends for about 5 or 6 years. I looked forward to riding to the show and maybe offering some advice for his day’s interviews and just chatting away. The ride was another story, as yes we did get lost.

The night before I specifically asked him if he knew where it was and he said yes. Well, he followed Z. Barr’s directions, which were not clear. At one point we even thought it was a rib and began cussing the Barr. I called Brian Logan for help, and got the usual, “I am not really sure, call me when you get there,” response.

I called the RF Video van for better directions. As I was getting the directions, Robby and I realized our mistake anyway. Rob had informed me a funny story of when he awoke and looked out of his window and saw 4 named SAT’s in his pool.

Finally, at about 1:20 we arrived to the show. It was amazing, because we were only off 5 minutes from Robby’s calculation. The first sight I saw was a shirtless John House rubbing sun tan oil on his chest. Not a pretty sight for any man or woman at any time of the day. We strolled in next to a table of the boys. All of the boys were gathered around one table. I pulled up a seat next to Z. Barr and I told him about how I thought he was ribbing and we all laughed. The funny thing is that I love all of the guys in CZW, but after 5 minutes at a table nobody really has anything to say to each other.

Lou E. Dangerously was also around and I repeated how well I thought his deal went the night before. He told me some funny stories about the dying days of ECW.

Danny Rose than arrived and came over to the table and said hello to everyone. He pulled up a chair next to Adam to discuss their match for the night.

I saw John Zandig out of the corner of my eye. I walked over to say hello to him, and walked around with him outside. I gave him some ideas, which he seemed to be in to. We talked more about the television show. John also was still super hot over the terrible sound guy we had the night before, and believe me he was the shits.

Rob arrived at this point, with his hot new girlfriend. She is quite a cutie, and she is really cool also. The three of us made a quick exit for ice cream. I have been disciplining my eating habits as of late, which is paying off and passed on the ice cream, but went for the ride. Rob ordered the biggest hot fudge sundae, and God bless his metabolism. I opted to go to Wawa for my nourishment. I knew it was going to be a hot day in the sun, so I actually opted to carb up. I bought a huge Gatorade and a bagel, which provided everything I needed in my body.

Once we returned, the entire crew was there. I said my hellos to Trent and Johnny in the bar. The bar was also the locker room by the way. Now, I know how those guys at Shotgun Saturday Night felt. I said hello to rest of the boys, etc. The mood was still in the air from last night. It seemed as if the Ric Blade incident was a reality check for the locker room. One of our family was hurt and it was evident from the atmosphere that night.

I sat down with Wifebeater for a few minutes. He began to tell me I made a big mistake in the program. I wrote in the program that every wrestler in the company’s ultimate goal is to become World Champion, to put the belt more over. He took issue and explained that people like he and Nate are here to hurt people and don’t want belts. It was the first program and there is definitely room for improvement, so it was noted. We talked about his Mexico trip, and he told me leaves at 4 AM.

I went back outside and got with John a little more about tonight’s show. Nick Berk walked in and was a total goof off as usual. I think that works against him sometimes, in my opinion. I joked with John that if he started piss testing around here, Berk would be in trouble. John repeated that joke and the people that were around popped.

Johnny and Justice Pain pulled me aside for a minute. Johnny was smiling and asked if my brother was in some backyard wrestling video wearing a H8 Club shirt. They were both laughing as if he was and got a kick out of it. I said absolutely not and that I would never let my brother do backyard wrestling. I can’t believe the parents and siblings that do! Justice said he wanted royalties for the H8 Club shirt in a joking way. I informed Justice, that former CZW wrestler Jesse Drive was doing the H8 Club gimmick in South Carolina. We all laughed about it.

I got with Shock for a little bit and we talked about his contributions to the program. I have the utmost respect for him, knowing how his job can go sometimes. I also told Jeff Rocker I really liked his promos and that he is doing tremendous in playing to the hard cam. He seemed to really appreciate it. I see money in him, it is just a matter of getting into his head of what we want.

I sold some programs to crowd in line and talked to the fans. The fans were disappointed about the turn out last night. They thought that CZW fans let down the company. I happen to agree to a point. I think if you support a company for as long as they have and not show up on the first ever television taping, is weak. As I was walking in, I ran into Mac Smack. He was complaining about hurting from the bump the night before and told me he did not know it was coming. I joked that I was shocked he bumped, which he did not think was funny.

I made an arrangement to sell the programs at the merchandise table. They did not seem to keen to help it. I was told that if there was room, they would sell them. I think the program is an important piece in establishing stories and characters. I did not mind that, but the fact is I walked over several times to empty spaces on the table and no programs. I did pick up a CZW t shirt while I was there. The company can always use the bucks, and I am proud to work for CZW. So, why not contribute?

I got with the boys before their matches. Doug, Tom Marquez, and myself came up with an awesome name for his finisher. I also helped Brian XL come up with a name for his. Quiet Storm came off kind of cocky in a way. He really rubbed some people the wrong way this past weekend. Not the kind of impression you want to make, while looking for a job. I got with the rest of the guys and went over the usual.

The sun was right on the table, where I would be for two-three hours. Since we were not on camera, I asked if I could wear the sleeveless shirt I arrived in. I was given the OK, so I changed about a minute before the, “Are you ready,” theme.

The show itself was not bad at all. I hate shows with low attendance, because I feel as if everyone is listening to our commentary with a fine toothed comb. Kind of nerve wrecking in a way. John House, let me tell you about him. I love the guy, I truly do and I think I do my best work at times with him. But, he is truly a character in himself. He acted as if he was a 70 year old lady at the beach with a tent. He was acting as if he could not take it. He was putting posters on his head and making faces, it was hilarious. I said, “Brother, you live down the shore. You act as if you had never been outside before?” Taking nothing away from us, I think it is a lot harder to go out there and wrestle for twenty minutes on the hot canvas, than to do what we do. I just always feel that you cannot complain about anything, watching what these boys put themselves through.

At Intermission, I ran into Rob and his girlfriend. He was hot that one of the boys was putting the moves on her right in front of him. I think it was a dick move also. However, I think if she comes to more shows she should dress more conservatively. The way someone dresses says a lot about themselves, and if you are gonna dress like a slut, than some people may assume that. When the boys bring their girlfriends to shows, they are always dressed conservatively. I think if she comes to future shows (which I know she will cause she loved it), she should take that into consideration.

I thought the show had a great pace and was fast and had a perfect flow. I thought the SAT’s had their worst match in CZW. I don’t know if it was the heat or what? I think the best match on the show was the Briscoes match. The feud with Dewey is the only true feud that is going right now. I thought Nick Mondo is a maniac once again, but am happy he has a belt now. I think Adam and Danny are better, every time I see them work together. I think the Prodigy-Barr match was not all that good. I just think it was a product of two styles clashing, and I think it did Barr more damage than good. I liked finally seeing Johnny get a win after months of losing.

As for myself, I really was happy with my performance. The tape will be the final judge though. Hitman has improved a million times over, but he needs to realize his role. Sometimes he calls moves, and he has no clue and makes an ass of himself. I don’t think he realize how much time I put into getting the names of the moves down and watching tapes. Hey, sometimes I screw up and I know I did the night before on Acid’s “Bad Trip.” That still bothers me on this afternoon and I am a stickler for perfection. I told John House to let me call the moves and he agreed. I am no genius when it comes to that, but it is the fact I do a lot of work on it. I don’t think anyone can just sit in and call every move. Every time I watch Raw, the announcers never call the moves unless it is a finisher.

After the show was over, I was exhausted. I really just wanted to get the hell out of there. Smack stopped me and was going over an idea he had for the Briscoes-Dewey angle. It was real good. I talked to Johnny for a while as he was getting medical attention. We talked about him coming out to my radio show and just different things. Jon Dahmer asked me how his match was, and I told him I liked it. Someone said it was his birthday and I wished him a Happy Birthday. I wish I knew earlier, so I could have said something on commentary. I got with Barr and Barr told me he was not that happy with his match. Ruckus seemed real down about his also. I was surprised, I thought those two would have a hell of a match.

I talked to John a little and I got paid and said my good-byes. Johnny stopped me and asked me if I was going to a party later at Feinstein’s house. I did not know he was partying, but I was going over to hang out. I told him I would be there. He said that he and some of the boys would be by.

Robby and I left and hit the road. It was a quick ride home. He has a good heart and is a truly good person. I felt bad, as I was on a time schedule and asked him not to stop. He said he was hungry and I asked if he could just drop me off first. It was a dick move, but again I was on a schedule. Robby and I parted and I thanked him for driving. I also want to thank Derek Sabato for helping out as much as he could over the weekend. When I was leaving Robby’s car I said, “Imagine doing this every week for 3 or 4 shows a week?” As I was getting into my car, I thought about how lucky I was to be in this business and how much I live for this. The travel, the work, camaraderie with the boys. It is a tremendous business and an absolute privilege and an honor to be a part of it and get paid in the process.

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