Pro Wrestling Radio: WWE HOF Bob Backlund Interview

Former WWE world champion and Hall of Famer, Bob Backlund joined the Camel Clutch Blog and Pro Wrestling Radio for an exclusive, no-questions barred interview. Mr. Backlund discusses his new book, Backlund: From All-American Boy to Professional Wrestling’s World Champion and the inspirational story of his journey to the top of professional wrestling.

Bob covered most of his career in the 78 minutes of time we more

Pro Wrestling Radio Classics – Killer Kowalski

This Pro Wrestling Radio classic features a classic shoot interview with the late former WWWF  tag team champion and WWE Hall of Fame wrestler, Killer Kowalski. Kowalski came on the show for an extensive interview talking about his legendary career and famous pro wrestling rivals. Kowalski talks about his famous feud with  Bruno Sammartino, matches with Buddy Rogers, his pupil Triple H, comparisons of WWE and more

PW Radio Classics: Superstar Billy Graham 2007

This Pro Wrestling Radio classic features a lengthy interview with former WWWF champion and WWE Hall of Fame wrestler the legendary Superstar Billy Graham. The former world champion talks candidly about his pro wrestling career, wrestling Bruno Sammartino, Bob Backlund’s paranoia, comments from Ken Anderson regarding Billy, Vince McMahon,  the Chris Benoit tragedy and more. Originally broadcast in December 08 2007.

This is one of more

Bruno Sammartino Interview Transcript 2013

Bruno Sammartino interviews always make headlines but they are especially newsworthy when they are conducted on Pro Wrestling Radio. I have had the honor to interview the WWE Hall of Fame WWWF champion on several occasions and the Living Legend never disappoints. That is why I couldn’t wait to have Bruno back on the show after it was announced that he was coming home.

The following more

PW Radio Classics – Bruno Sammartino 2005

Bruno Sammartino is without question the most popular guest in Pro Wrestling Radio history. This 2005 interview is one of the best with the former WWWF champion and now WWE Hall of Fame wrestler. Bruno is candid, provocative, and even made some headlines with the things he discussed in this classic show. This interview was broadcast live on May 28, 2005.

Some of the topics include… - more

PW Radio Classics: Sweet 16 WWE Champions Tournament

This episode of Pro Wrestling Radio goes back to April 05, 2003.  Playing into the theme of March Madness and the Sweet 16 tournament, I offered callers the chance to participate in the WWE champions tournament. The ultimate tournament of former WWWF, WWF, and WWE champions would be decided by callers and their choices. Steve Austin, Bruno Sammartino, Bob Backlund, Superstar Graham, The Rock, Ivan more

Terry Funk Pro Wrestling Radio Interview

This Pro Wrestling Radio interview  features the legendary former NWA and ECW champion and WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Terry Funk. Terry came by to talk about his book, the resurrection of ECW, Bruno Sammartino’s loyalty to Baba, Dusty Rhodes and a whole lot more. Originally broadcast May 21, 2005.

A Terry Funk promo is played to open the show in which Funk discusses the Funk more

Bruno Sammartino Interview 2013

New WWE Hall of Fame member Bruno Sammartino returned to Pro Wrestling Radio on February 14, 2013 for a brand new interview! A lot has happened since I last talked to Bruno and he is back to talk about everything. Bruno talks extensively about his decision to enter the WWE Hall of Fame, why he changed his mind, who convinced him, the players involved, and more

New Bruno Sammartino Interview Coming Soon!

It has been a long time since I broadcast a brand new Pro Wrestling Radio show and I am happy to announce that my lengthy vacation is over! Recent events have brought me back, those being Bruno Sammartino making amends with the WWE and entering the WWE Hall of Fame. I thought it would be great to have Bruno back on the show and update more