Greg Valentine Interview Transcript

The following interview features WWE Hall of Fame wrestler, former NWA U.S. champion, and former WWE intercontinental champion Greg “The Hammer” Valentine. The Hammer talks about his career, his feuds with Tito Santana and Roddy Piper, interviews, and more. The interview was taped March 26, 2005 and was broadcast on Pro Wrestling Radio.

A Greg Valentine interview on an upcoming Madison Square Garden match with Tito more

Pro Wrestling Radio – Greg Valentine

This Pro Wrestling Radio classic features the legendary wrestler and WWE Hall of Famer, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine. Broadcast on March 26, 2005. This is a rare interview with one of pro wrestling’s biggest stars from the 1980s. Greg Valentine was candid, interesting, and funny as he took all of my questions and delivered a tremendous interview. Topics include; His interviews and today’s wrestling interviews, more