Pro Wrestling Radio July 10, 2013 – Money in the Bank, Brock Lesnar, n.W.o.

Pro Wrestling Radio is back with a new show taped live on July 10, 2013. If you missed the live event you can listen to the entire event right here which features all of the latest WWE news and TNA rumors.. Independent pro wrestling star Luke Hawx and I cover all of the latest WWE news, pro wrestling rumors, hot topics in the blogs, as more

Chris Jericho Interview Transcript 1999

This is the very first broadcast of Pro Wrestling Radio. The show featured a call-in interview with WWE superstar star Chris Jericho. Chris talked about his career up to that point which includes the highs and lows of his WCW run, thoughts on the Montreal Screwjob, ECW, Eric Bischoff, and more.

Q:Comment on WCW Head Of Security Doug Dillenger retiring ? :

A:Yeah but I’ll tell you more

Pro Wrestling Radio – April 19, 2010

Listen now to the newest Pro Wrestling Radio show from April 19. Pro Wrestling Radio on April 19 featured open phone lines. This edition of Pro Wrestling Radio featured open lines and discussion on Jim Cornette’s email to Vince Russo, WWE RAW, the WWE Draft, Hulk Hogan, TNA Lockdown, Kurt Angle, Strikeforce: Nashville and more.

Pro Wrestling Radio will return live on Monday May 3 at more