Bill Watts Interview Transcript

The following interview features WWE Hall of Fame wrestler/booker “Cowboy” Bill Watts. Bill Watts joined the show for an extensive interview covering his career, the sale of UWF and the lack of an invasion angle, booking for Vince McMahon, Jim Ross’s relationship with Vince, and more. The interview was taped March 18, 2006 and broadcast on Pro Wrestling Radio.

A classic Bill Watts promo from Georgia more

Bruno Sammartino Interview 2004

The following interview with former WWWF world champion the “Living Legend” Bruno Sammartino. The always outspoken Sammartino talks about his career, returning to the Ric Flair, meeting with Jim Ross, Bret Hart, and even takes calls from listeners. The interview was taped July 31, 2004 and previously broadcast on Pro Wrestling Radio.

Eric: The true bona fide living legend of professional wrestling, former WWWF World Heavyweight more

Stone Cold Steve Austin Interview Transcript

The following interview with WWE Hall of Fame wrestler and former WWE champion Stone Cold Steve Austin! The interview was taped October 03, 2003. This interview was previously broadcast on Pro Wrestling Radio.

Eric Gargiulo: Was it hard to open up about your relationships for millions of readers to read?

Steve Austin: (laughs) I have been asked that quite a few times because I think many people, more

PW Radio Classics – Bill Watts

This Pro Wrestling Radio classic features the legendary pro wrestling booker and WWE Hall of Famer, Bill Watts. Broadcast November 11, 2006. Bill Watts talks all about his legendary career in the ring and out of the ring as one of pro wrestling’s most famous bookers. Bill recalls stories about some of wrestling’s biggest superstars who came through the Mid-South Wrestling and UWF Wrestling territories. more