PW Radio Classics: 1999 Year In Review January 01, 2000

This classic Pro Wrestling Radio goes back to January 01, 2000. I look forward to the new millenium in pro wrestling, a look back at the year 1999 in pro wrestling, predictions for the year 2000, 1999 year end awards, Wrestler of the 20th century, Wrestler of the Year, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Triple H, the evolution of pro wrestling over the last several decades, more

PW Radio Classics: WrestleDraft 2001

This 2001 episode of Pro Wrestling Radio features the third annual WrestleDraft! The audience pick their wrestlers similar to a sports draft to help assemble a brand new fantasy pro wrestling promotion. Keep in mind that this is 2001 and WCW and ECW had just closed months earlier so there was only one real pro wrestling promotion ruling the world at that time, while there more