PW Radio Classics – WWE Backlash 2001 Review & More

This classic Pro Wrestling Radio takes a look at WWE Backlash 2001. Eric and callers throughout the hour recollect Backlash, preview Judgment Day, recap Raw and SmackDown and so much more. Broadcast May 05, 2001.

Some of the topics included on the show are… Backlash 2001 Judgment Day 2001 Austin and Triple H vs. the Hardy Boyz SmackDown recap Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy feud State of the WWE business Chris Jericho and more

PW Radio Classics: WrestleDraft 2001

This 2001 episode of Pro Wrestling Radio features the third annual WrestleDraft! The audience pick their wrestlers similar to a sports draft to help assemble a brand new fantasy pro wrestling promotion. Keep in mind that this is 2001 and WCW and ECW had just closed months earlier so there was only one real pro wrestling promotion ruling the world at that time, while there more

Edge Pro Wrestling Radio Interview 1999

Former WWE champion and WWE Hall of Fame superstar Edge stopped by Pro Wrestling Radio on July 10, 1999. Edge came by the show to sign autographs and later called in for a quick call. This was a unique opportunity to talk to a new WWE superstar at the beginning of his ascension to pro wrestling greatness.

Q: I ask him about rumors that he and more

Pro Wrestling Radio returns live on January 31 at 6:30 PM/EST!

Pro Wrestling Radio returns live Monday night January 31 at my new start time of 6:30 PM/EST start time taking calls at 877-800-8834 or 267-439-4379. This is the first show of 2011 and there is a ton to talk about! I will talk about the 2011 WWE Royal Rumble results and fallout, the returns of Booker T and Kevin Nash, the first month of Matt more

Pro Wrestling Radio Classics – Matt Hardy

This Pro Wrestling Radio classic features an interview with Matt Hardy. Matt was just released by the WWE and talks about a variety of topics including the Edge/Lita affair, wrestling Jeff, TNA, the Dudleys, TLC, and more. Originally broadcast June 14, 2005.

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