Terry Funk Pro Wrestling Radio Interview

This Pro Wrestling Radio interview¬† features the legendary former NWA and ECW champion and WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Terry Funk. Terry came by to talk about his book, the resurrection of ECW, Bruno Sammartino’s loyalty to Baba, Dusty Rhodes and a whole lot more. Originally broadcast May 21, 2005.

A Terry Funk promo is played to open the show in which Funk discusses the Funk ..read more

Gary Hart Interview Transcript

The following interview features legendary pro wrestling manager the late “Playboy” Gary Hart. Gary discusses his career, J-Tex, the Von Erichs, Chris Adams, Ric Flair, Terry Funk, his return to MLW and much more. This interview was recorded live on Pro Wrestling Radio on January 24, 2004.

Eric Gargiulo: How did you get started in the wrestling business and when?

Gary Hart: I started professional wrestling through ..read more

Pro Wrestling Radio Diary: Week of March 04, 2007

The following is a republished diary/commentary from ProWrestlingRadio.com.

My first experience with Pro Wrestling Unplugged was just fantastic. It was a bit unnerving in a lot of ways, but exciting at the same time. My biggest regret after the evening was not joining the family sooner.

The day started with my radio show as always which featured a reunion with my former CZW broadcast partner John House. ..read more