PW Radio Classics: Rob Van Dam 2009

This is a live interview with former ECW and WWE world champion Rob Van Dam. Rob talks extensively about his career, a return to pro wrestling, ECW, WWE, his One Night Stand match against John Cena, and more. The interview was broadcast live on Pro Wrestling Radio on June 24, 2009.

This interview was recorded long before Rob signed with TNA Wrestling. In light of recent more

Pro Wrestling Radio June 20, 2013 – RVD, Mark Henry, Sting, & More

Pro Wrestling Radio returns with a brand new show featuring over an hour of pro wrestling talk and discussion. If you missed the live event you can listen to the entire event right here. Independent pro wrestling star Luke Hawx and I cover all of the latest WWE news, pro wrestling rumors, hot topics in the blogs, as well as share stories from our own more

PW Radio Classics: WrestleDraft 2000

This episode of Pro Wrestling Radio features the annual WrestleDraft! Callers pick their wrestlers similar to a sports draft to help assemble a brand new fantasy pro wrestling promotion. Keep in mind that at this time you had the WWE, ECW, and World Championship Wrestling all in business. In other words, this is a true draft of wrestlers from all promotions to the caller’s fantasy more

Week of 8/08/01

The following is a republished diary/commentary from

Week of 8/08/01:

Where do I start with this week’s commentary? I have a ton to say, and most of it is not even wrestling related. I will do the best I can.

I spent four days videotaping the photo shoot for an RF Video release. As a member of RF Video, I was able to be a part more

PW Radio Diary: Week of 09/10/07

The following is a republished diary/commentary from It has been a while since I have posted a commentary. I hope you enjoyed reading about a day in the life of a WEW pay per view taping. If you missed it just go to the link at the bottom and click to read the last commentary.

If you haven’t caught them, I began a daily column/blog over more

March 15, 2010 Podcast

Pro Wrestling Radio on March 15 featured open phone lines. Topics include; the Monday Night Wars, TNA ratings, Rob Van Dam, Shawn Michaels, the Undertaker, WrestleMania 26, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Eric Bischoff, and more.

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