Pro Wrestling Radio Classics – Terry Taylor

This Pro Wrestling Radio classic features an interview with former WWE and WCW wrestler and agent Terry Taylor. Terry called in while working as a WCW employee and answered all of the hard questions about WCW booking and talent. Terry also talked about his run as a wrestler and agent in the WWE and shared some fun stories about working for Vince McMahon. Terry also more

Week of 11/09/01

The following is a republished diary/commentary from

I have been inspired to write more this week about my life outside of wrestling. For those that know or do not, I am also a full time college student. I returned to school last year after a very lengthy absence. I feel that anyone can do anything if they are specifically taught to do so in that more

Shane Douglas Interview Transcript

The following interview features former ECW champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas. Shane talks about leaving ECW, negotiating with WCW, Paul Heyman, Ric Flair, kicking Scott Hall out of an ECW show, and more. The interview was taped June 12, 1999 and broadcast on Pro Wrestling Radio.

Eric: Truth about the rumored WCW negotiations:

Shane: Well they stand about the same place as the negotiations with the World more

Ricky Steamboat Interview 2000 Transcript

The following extensive interview features WWE Hall of Fame wrestler, former NWA world champion, and former WWE intercontinental champion Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. Steamboat talks about his career, wrestling Ric Flair, his WrestleMania III match against Randy Savage, wrestling again, and more. The interview was taped May 03, 2000 and was broadcast on Pro Wrestling Radio.

Eric:What are you doing these days?

Steamboat: Well I retired about more

Stone Cold Steve Austin Interview Transcript

The following interview with WWE Hall of Fame wrestler and former WWE champion Stone Cold Steve Austin! The interview was taped October 03, 2003. This interview was previously broadcast on Pro Wrestling Radio.

Eric Gargiulo: Was it hard to open up about your relationships for millions of readers to read?

Steve Austin: (laughs) I have been asked that quite a few times because I think many people, more