PW Radio Classics: Beyond The Mat Director Barry Blaunstein

Beyond The Mat director Barry J. Blaunstein stops by Pro Wrestling Radio for a candid discussion on his controversial documentary on pro wrestling featuring footage from WWE and ECW. Barry talks about working with the different wrestling companies, things he left out of the movies, Terry Funk, Mick Foley, Vince McMahon, Paul Heyman, Taz, and so much more. This interview aired in 1999 after the more

Pro Wrestling Radio – January 11, 2010

Pro Wrestling Radio on January 11 2010 featured open phone lines. This show featured discussion on the Monday Night Wars, TNA and Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Jeff Hardy, Bret Hart, Vince McMahon, and more.

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Terry Funk Pro Wrestling Radio Interview

This Pro Wrestling Radio interview  features the legendary former NWA and ECW champion and WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Terry Funk. Terry came by to talk about his book, the resurrection of ECW, Bruno Sammartino’s loyalty to Baba, Dusty Rhodes and a whole lot more. Originally broadcast May 21, 2005.

A Terry Funk promo is played to open the show in which Funk discusses the Funk more

Bruno Sammartino Interview 2013

New WWE Hall of Fame member Bruno Sammartino returned to Pro Wrestling Radio on February 14, 2013 for a brand new interview! A lot has happened since I last talked to Bruno and he is back to talk about everything. Bruno talks extensively about his decision to enter the WWE Hall of Fame, why he changed his mind, who convinced him, the players involved, and more

Pro Wrestling Radio Classics – Terry Taylor

This Pro Wrestling Radio classic features an interview with former WWE and WCW wrestler and agent Terry Taylor. Terry called in while working as a WCW employee and answered all of the hard questions about WCW booking and talent. Terry also talked about his run as a wrestler and agent in the WWE and shared some fun stories about working for Vince McMahon. Terry also more

Pro Wrestling Radio – Owen Hart Death

Pro Wrestling Radio on May 29, 2009 featured open phone lines. This edition of Pro Wrestling Radio focused on the tragic passing of Owen Hart. I take calls and discuss what happened, fan reaction, and report on the latest news. This was one of the more memorable Pro Wrestling Radio shows in the history of the program.

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Pro Wrestling Radio – September 23, 2009

Pro Wrestling Radio on September 23, 2009 featured open phone lines. This edition of Pro Wrestling Radio featured open lines and discussion on Jeff Hardy’s drug bust, Hulk Hogan’s new promotion, Rey Mysterio’s suspension, and more WWE and TNA news.

Pro Wrestling Radio – Matthew Randazzo (Ring of Hell)

This Pro Wrestling Radio classic features an interview with author of the book “Ring of Hell”, Matthew Randazzo. Matt comes on the show to talk about arguably the most controversial book ever written about professional wrestling. Matt talks about the Chris Benoit tragedy and events leading up to the day, pro wrestling’s reaction to his book, and more stories from the inside that you aren’t more

Paul Orndorff Interview Transcript

The following interview features WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Paul “Mr. Wonderful” Orndorff. Paul and I talk about a variety of topics. Some topics include; Paul’s thoughts on Hulk Hogan and what really happened at the Hall of Fame between the two, thoughts on Roddy Piper, Ric Flair, Vince McMahon, Bruno Sammartino, his interviews, his classic feuds, WCW, and much more. The interview was taped more