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Well, the first official week is history in the redesign of the website. I have gotten a lot of positive feedback on it. When I sat down to upload it last Tuesday, I expected a one hour job. It turned out to be that, plus about ten or eleven more. A lot of you went to the site last Tuesday and I know it looked a little screwed up at times. I was just in the process of uploading all of the pages. The hits are at an all time high on the site. September was phenomenal, as far as hits on PWR.com. I attribute a lot of those hits from CZW fans and I appreciate it. I know a lot of you have been visiting for a while and I appreciate the support from you as well. I have never made a dime off of this site. I made some decent change when I had Adcast on here, however they went bankrupt and never paid anyone. With that in mind, if you can take at least a second and click on one of the buttons and help out the cause I would really appreciate it.

Last Saturday’s CZW show has been getting the best response of any show we have had in ages. Honestly, I do not think we have had a bad show in 2001 but for some reason the shows as of late have been getting reviews as being the best ones ever. I think it shows that when we have our full roster home from Japan, that you will not get a better show anywhere else. That is not saying the contrary when we are down some guys, but the truth of the matter is that when we are at full strength I do not think from top to bottom that there is anyone that can touch us. I have gone to a million indies in my lifetime. For 10.15, or 20 bucks you won’t get a better deal elsewhere.

The crowd was slightly down from the last show, but still a very good sized crowd. I am guessing that there were around 300 for the show. On one hand I find that real disappointing, because I just cannot see how someone could watch our TV show or videos and not say, “Damn, I gotta see this!” On the other hand, that is not bad at all for an indie show with no outside talent. A lot of promotions that bring in higher priced talent are doing far less, and the bottom line is making a profit. Again, that points to the strengths of our locker room. I was just reading about a show in NC with Juvi, Psychosis, and a bunch of guys that drew half of what we had Saturday. So in that respect, it was impressive. Nick Gage and I talked about it for a while. We were both wrestling fans way before we got in to CZW. Nick has been there since day one. We just don’t get why we are not getting double that number, especially since we had two reduced ticket shows. Maybe it is the location? Maybe it is just the time of year?

This past Saturday’s show was a hell of a show. It had a very ECW-like vibe to the entire night. It was a very fast paced show, with lots of angles. OK, let me address something here. I read the fanboard every day, as do a lot of us. We use the fans to get a gage of what they like and do not like. Anyone thinks that we do not listen, is mistaken. Some, very few but some fans will write, “What about the storylines?” As someone that has creative input, I think we have a ton of storylines going on right now. I think the company has never been stronger in that department. From the opening match to the final, I would say that most if not all have a meaning. These same fans will than complain about seeing the Hurricane Kidd, Towel Boy, VD, or Z. Barr. Yet, all of them are involved in stories that are current and I think entertaining. I have been hearing a few fans as of late complain about paying to see the Towel Boy and Kidd. First of all, I think their gimmick is absolutely hilarious and entertaining. In all fairness, their promos have not begun to air on television yet but when they do I think you will feel the same.

Second, the two of them may be small but I thought we all got past the size issue. They are both two very talented young men with a ton of potential. If Towel Boy was good enough for ECW, than I think he is good enough for CZW. The Kidd had his character down better than most guys I have seen on the indies. I just think you fans that are critical need to give them a chance. I remember plenty of times in ECW when smaller guys would come down the pike. Some would make it and some would not. These two are going to make it, so just give them some time. I think a lot of you out there are really starting to get behind VD. It was hard with Dahmer’s old gimmick to get the fans to take him seriously. The combination of he and Eddie are better than any other team that I have seen on the indies outside of CZW. It is like watching two guys that know what the other is gonna do two moves ahead of time. I just wanted to take the time to express how proud I am of them and what a tremendous job they are doing.

Z. Barr is another guy. I will be honest and tell you that he is one of my closest friends outside of CZW, if not the closest friend I have. He is also not the most popular guy in our locker room for a variety of reasons. However, when you choose your friends based on popularity than you are in trouble. With that said, he has really come a long way. When I first started with CZW he had such a horrendous match with Lord Devore that he was reduced to selling programs. Most indie wrestlers would have left after being humiliated like that. The kid stuck with it and never complained. All he did in his off time was watch tapes and talk to people about how to get better. He would constantly go to the school and train. Since he has returned to the ring he has improved every time out. Has he had some clunkers? Yeah, a few but who hasn’t? The kid had paid more dues than a lot of people realize and I think that is overlooked. This past Saturday when I passed the message on to him that he was in the main event, I thought he was going to cry. Some may call that marky, but it is just a respect for the business and knowing what it means to be in a main event. It was the culmination of the last year of hard work to get to where he is. Is he the greatest worker in our company? Absolutely not, but I think he is one of the better workers we have. I also think he did a tremendous job in that match. When he came out, fans groaned. It is to be expected, due to his character. I think once the night was over he gained their respect. To him, that was like the un drafted rookie who worked his way from the practice squad to being a “go to” guy in the Super Bowl.

I thought the match with Ruckus and Trent Acid was outstanding. It was the perfect match in a perfect program. These two have been building this match up since April. Finally, they meet and the payoff was tremendous. The vibe I got from the fans is that while half were there to see the Ultraviolent Tables Match, half were also there to see this one. This was a very highly anticipated match between these two. I used to call Ric Blade the franchise player in CZW, but without a doubt it is now Trent Acid. Taking nothing away from Blade, but he is not here anymore. Acid is a guy that can carry the ball whenever he is called on. The guy constantly delivers in the big matches. I thought this was his best match that I have seen him have in CZW as a singles wrestler. I would really like to see a program somewhere down the line between him and Justice Pain over the World Title. I think it would not only draw, but be a hell of a feud. Ruckus is another guy that has made leaps and bounds since his debut. If you think about it, the first CZW show this year was possibly the most historic ever. We completely revamped the roster, and the new additions have been better than anyone could have predicted.

The Rachies are another team that have made leaps and bounds since coming to CZW. Not so much as improving, because I think they were always real good but as in winning the fans over. I think they had one of the best wrestling matches I have seen on an indie. It told a great story and had a good pace. I think some fans are just spoiled, because a few would just sit there. These two have personality and talent and I think could compete in the WWF tomorrow if they were signed. I have known Adam personally and professionally for years and have always been a fan. Danny is the perfect partner for Adam. They flow like they have known each other for 15 years. I think they are finally getting the chance to showcase their strength in their characters. Their promos on Fake You TV have been awesome (& so have Jeff Rockers for that matter). Believe me when I tell you that we have so much more to come with these two. These two are going to be big time players here in CZW.

I checked the CZW poll and the debut of Greg seems to be running away with the highlight of the show. As a fan sitting there calling it, it gave me chills. It was a moment out of an ECW show in my eyes. It also separates us from the other indies I think in that it solidifies as a place to be. This kid could have worked anywhere, but he chose CZW. He is here for the long haul, I will tell you that now. He is still hurt, but can work a very limited match. He is going to get his back fixed and rehab and start working out at our school. He has an incredible attitude and outlook on everything. I am real close friends with a former Real World cast member, and I know the stuff can get to your head at times.

This kid is extremely humble and just happy to be a part of something. After his angle was over, you knew he was feeling it. I talked to him a little at intermission and he said that it was the best feeling he ever had and he is here for the long haul. We have some really good ideas planned for him and I think the fans will be real happy with them. It was perfect, as if the angle was playing for 3 months. In person, he has a super look to him. Zandig even told him at the end of the night that with his look if he works hard he will be right back in the WWF within no time. I totally agree with that one. He made an interesting point though. We talked about the indies, etc. He said to me that losing may have been the better thing. This way, you get the training and you can go out there and pay dues on the indie circuit. The winner will wind up in a locker room with guys that are hostile and bitter towards him or her for never paying dues.

How surprised were the fans to see Zandig climb the fence and splash Lobo through glass? A few fans came up to me at the end of the night and kept asking, “Isn’t extreme wrestling banned?” I am not a politician but I think the ban was lifted the night that Kurt Angle went through real glass in the Meadowlands. Zandig splashing Lobo was just an awesome moment. Who in that building after 2 months did not want to see Lobo get kobashed?

I know I am leaving guys out and that is not purposely. I don’t want to turn this commentary in to a CZW “puff piece.” But, it is a diary and that is how I feel. I think fans should make the trip on 10/13 to Smyrna, DE for the Cage of Death. Last year’s show was just tremendous. Where else are you going to see an electrified, exploding cage in the United States? And yes, the explosions do work.

I watched Raw last night and I was real disappointed. The fax idea was hilarious throughout the show. That, I really did like. The choice of matches just did not flow in my opinion. Was it me, or did parts of the Storm-Regal match look like a shoot? It did to me.

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