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Let’s start first with Monday. Monday, John House and I traveled up to the Smart Mark video studios for overdubs. Unfortunately, the audio went out for the second half of commentary for the CZW Enough is Enough show. Which incidentally, is a corny name. Anyway, that was real disappointing in that I think I do my best work live. I used to think otherwise, but I have really gotten used to the flow of live action and the spontaneous reactions. So, we went up there and called the last four matches exclusively for Fake You TV. Unfortunately, those of you that purchase the home video will not have commentary. I think we did OK, but without question our first take was better. There was something lacking about this one, but it was the best we could do in the situation. Hopefully, that was a one time deal. At one point I was pushing for all of the television to be overdubbed. I am glad we stuck with the live calls, because it is much more comfortable.

For the second week in a row, CZW canceled their show. To say I was dissapointed would be an understatement. Wrestling is my only full time job. I do not make a lot of money, but it is all part of the due paying process so to speak. To me, like most of us I count on my pay from the shows, and I love to work. So between the both of them, I was SOL. Canceling a show really screws everything up. It screws up storylines, future dates, planning, etc. So it is not a decision taken lightly.

I was told immediately thereafter that we are going to make the move to the ECW Arena. To say I was excited would be an understatement. To me, the ECW Arena is like the mecca of wrestling. There is something special about wrestling in Madison Square Garden, and I feel the same about this building. As a ring announcer for ECW, I never worked that building. I was there monthly though for several years and was a part of something that was truly special. Our locker room is full of guys that came up on ECW as fans. Their dream of working for ECW will never happen, but it has always been the goal of CZW to move in to that building. Moving in to the building is not a hard thing to do. Drawing successfully and making a profit is.

Over the last year local company JAPW has ran in the building and self admittedly, they were not successful in turning over a profit. There is no shame in admitting that, as their situation did not make that a logical place to promote shows. Gabe Sapolsky wrote an outstanding column on Rfvideo.com comparing the decisions of CZW to enter and JAPW to leave the same building. We have several long range goals in CZW. The first was securing television. The second was drawing an audience to our television show. The third was moving in to the arena. Over the last few weeks we have all acknowledged that the time was now to make this move. Our television show averages a consistent 50,000 viewers weekly. The reaction our boys get on other shows and most noticeably when they walked in to the MECW show a few months ago told us that this could work. My feeling, as many others is that people watch the show but are not going to get in to their car and drive to a building in a small isolated town in New Jersey. Honestly, the building is easy to get to but the average person is just not going to go to the trouble. As a kid I watched NWA World Wide religiously weekly, but it took me years to persuade my father to drive me to the civic center.

Once I received the word that it was officially a go, I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was. It is not just the move, but the sense of accomplishment and how proud I am of everyone in the company. The great thing about this is this won’t be a show loaded with outside talent to “draw.” This will be a show focused on our company and our guys. They have the ball on this night. The reaction thus far has been outstanding. We have more tickets reserved for this than any other show ever and it has been less than a week. We are getting calls daily from people outside of the area that want to come in for the show. We received a real good amount of press and coverage on the Internet, which acknowledged this as a big show. I can honestly tell you that in the year 2001, I have never seen a bad CZW show. Sure, some have been better than others but even the worst was better than anything else I had seen out there. So, the fear about us throwing in a clunker is not even there.

This move is also two fold for us. It marks our first major expansion in to Pennsylvania. For the last year on my radio show people have asked me when is CZW coming this way? Well, this will only mark the first show in the area. I would imagine that this will open up doors and allow us to expand throughout the state of PA. 2001 was a tremendous year for the CZW company. It was a night and day company from the same place I started working in at the beginning of last year. Between Best of the Best, the acquisitions of some outstanding new talent, the improvement of everyone in the company, and the move to television it has to go down as a huge year for the company. If we can ride the wave and even reach half of our new goals in 2002, things could get real interesting and CZW could begin to make some real headway. It is nobody’s goal to be number two to the WWF or even compete in any way. The bottom line is to run a profitable company and allow the business to grow in a way that will generate profit and exposure without compromising the integrity of the company. Going in to 2002 with the strongest talent roster I have ever seen in the company and all heads together it could get real interesting.

Enough about that, I’d like to talk a little about my return to GLOOW this past Friday in Levittown, PA. First of all, it was one of the best crowds I have ever seen GLOOW draw. That was a real good sign and it made the show that much more fun to be a part of. It was also great seeing all of the girls and guys from the company that I had not seen since July. I’d like to consider myself a part of the family there and I think of all of them as the same. It was great catching up with everyone and just hanging out. I have to tell you that I had an absolute great time. GLOOW is more about having fun and a good time. Everyone in the locker room was having a good time, I don’t recall anyone stressing about spots, etc.

I just had a great time. It is always fun working with Jeff at ringside. You know, if they had audio on us at the table I think it would have been our most entertaining stuff yet. I finally got a little taste of what Shock goes through, as I had CZW resident Chad Shaft heckling me from the 3rd row. I have to say that I found it hard to even keep a straight face at times. It was also a lot of fun participating in their Elle Mae angle. Anytime GLOOW is in the area and I am free, you can count on seeing me out there. They run a great show and the material they can have now if they go back to TV would be tremendous. Just a quick note, I was real impressed by Alexis Laree. It was the first time I had seen her work live and she could be WWF material someday.

I have to say that I missed the first Survivor. I am a big fan of politics these days, so I wound up watching all of the post-Bush speeches. I will have something to say I am sure about Survivor next week here in the commentary. As for Bush, I have a real problem with him asking kids to send a buck to the children over there. I mean, we are at war over there and we are dropping snacks and now asking kids to send more money. I would not have a problem with that if we did not have our own starving people over here in poverty. Imagine how many people could eat and nourish if they had these packets and dollars delivered to them? What if the kids send a buck to the families of lost loved ones from the WTC? I don’t know, but something is not right about that to me.

For the first time this past Saturday night I whipped out the old wrestling videos of myself and Rob Feinstein wrestling in the ECWA from about 1994 or 95. Let’s just say that it will be another four or five years before those tapes get played again. Oh, and I now have mega heat with Glen Osbourne because I found it that it was him that threw me out of that damn battle royal in Wilmington!

A quick note that I want to thank all of the people who introduced themselves at GLOOW on Friday night. I enjoyed meeting all of you and the what not. Make sure you check out the new columns from Nate Hiatt and John on the video games while you are here.

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