Week of 10/30/01

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I have a lot to cover in the commentary this week. So let’s start with Saturday’s CZW show.

I liked the show a lot. The effort of everyone was at top level. It was if the few weeks layoff rejuvenated everyone for some reason. We were all in great spirits as this was our first show in almost a month.

The show started off very hot with an angle involving Nick Mondo and the Softcore Connection. Nick Berk has definitely developed quite a presence in the ring as of late. He is a guy that walks out and even if you have never seen a CZW show before, you know he is one of our top guys. I was real excited to see Berk and Mondo work together. I think they have two styles that can be real complimentary with each other. Berk later beating him for the Iron Man belt and now turning it into a Softcore title opens up a lot of options here in CZW. I don’t think anything like that has ever been done. So, I would think that a lot of really cool stories and matches can come out of this program. It is one that I really think the CZW fans are going to like. The tag team title match was as good as you are ever going to get from a championship tag team match. It was a very stiff match and what I like about both matches between the two teams is that they tell a great story as the matches evolve. The finish with Valentine going through a table got a tremendous reaction. The last few months has really solidified VD as a major tag team and fan favorite in CZW. Greg did great for his first match. He still has a bad back, so he is limited. However, today as I write this he had his surgery and is doing fine. Danny Rose is another guy that has really come into his own the last few months. I will talk about Flash later. Danny is one of the most underrated talents on the indie circuit (as is his partner). Danny is easily the best guy on the stick we have. This program with Greg is really going to get him noticed and taken seriously. As for his partner and his match.

I can honestly say that the Flash-Pain match was without question the best match I have ever seen in CZW. It was everything a world title match should be. It was exciting, climatic, intense, cliff hanging, action packed, and just real brutal. It reminded me of Austin’s early title matches during his first reign as world champion. It was easily a pay per view caliber title match. The two went back and forth and really gave everything they had. It just shows the kind of attitude that our guys have in CZW. These two relished the moment of having a classic title match. Pain is without a doubt the most overlooked young lion on the indies today. I have never seen the guy have a bad match and he has the charisma of a world champion. I see other world champions on the indies that look like they are homeless. Flash is another story. I have been high on this guy for years. The first time I saw him wrestle was on JAP’s anniversary show years ago. I got to see him closer when he tried out in ECW. Flash was friends with Axl Rotten and started coming to the shows with him. We had a swing in Pittsburgh and he was given a try out match against Sabu in Rostraver. The match was real good and a real treat to watch. Flash was always good in the locker room, no ego, very humble. The next night in Monaca, there was an open spot on the show. I would sometimes hang close to Paul Heyman at television tapings so I knew what was going on and to learn. Paul would also ask for input for some of his vets. Paul suggested Flash for the spot. The vet trashed Flash and told Paul he sucked. The only reason I would think that he would say that, is because he saw Flash as younger and hungrier and a threat. Paul listened, and if he did not, maybe Flash would have been in ECW for a long time. I talked on the commentary about Flash being in the sport for ten years and taking the match more seriously than some of the younger guys would. That was a shoot. He took this very seriously and he has excelled in CZW quicker than anyone ever has. He has showed the company commitment in his performances and making all of the bookings. I am a big believer in Adam Flash. Some of our fans have not had the opportunity that I had to see him in the past. Most fans did not give him much of a chance at all in the match. The way they two wrestled, that thought was quickly forgotten. That also shows the professionalism of our world champion. The finish saw a false, almost Dusty like finish in which Flash pinned Pain, ref rang the bell, and was announced as the champion. The fans went NUTS! That kind of reaction says that maybe he should have left that night with the belt. Maybe, maybe not. However, it opens up a huge door for a return match at some point down the line. I will tell you one thing, keep an eye out for this match on Fake You TV. Better yet, order the home video to get it complete. I can sympathize with JR, as they took out our announce table during the match. It was a real dramatic move, because nobody has ever done that. It was just a super match and one that will go down as a classic and hard for Pain to top.

The only negative from the show is that I don’t think enough was done with Lobo. His angle with Zandig is the hottest angle we have going right now. I think it was overlooked by everyone Saturday. I think something hot from him would have sent the show over as just amazing. Next time, I am sure once Zandig returns it will be a different story. The reaction by all of the fans that intended seems to be real positive, so that is a good thing.

I do not have all of the details yet, but Mike Johnson and myself have made arrangements for a bus trip from New York to the Cage of Death 3. Once I have contact information to pass along, I will do so. As a teenager, I went on bus trips all of the time which were put together by Joel Goodhart. It was so much fun, as it was just one big party atmosphere. No drinking or drugs, just everyone letting loose and talking about wrestling. The best is after a great show, because everyone is so hyped up and just talked shop all ride home. Wrestling fans are stereotyped unfairly in my opinion. If you look at all sports, the least hostile of any fan is a wrestling fan. How many drunks and jerks do you run into at a football, hockey, baseball, or hockey game? Wrestling fans are all just normal people that kind of let their hair down and have some fun. I would highly encourage anyone from NY that may have thought about driving, to take this trip. No headaches or hassles and I have assured Mike that everyone on this trip will get treated with a warm welcome. Mike and I also discussed filming something on the bus for television. So be prepared to get crazy!

You know I do have to say a little something about JAP and Fat Frank here. I was real impressed with the way he moved venues from the ECW Arena to his new building. It was a very classy move and his announcement was just as classy on his board. I think the comments he made about CZW were fair in his questions about blood in Philly, etc. Recently, he even said some nice things about our school. I hope that all of the negativity between companies can now be dropped. His employees on the other hand should take a page from him. It is funny, because they all sound like big cry babies when they comment on our move to the arena. They make posts that say, “well I may have said this before when we were there, but I really think this.” I think it is just best to not say anything at all and take a page from your boss. I think the fans win out big time with two hot indie promotions in the same areas. Most parts of the country are lucky enough to get one. As far as the blood goes in Pennsylvania, I have talked to the commission personally and they have told me in the past that they allow one blood match per show. On MECW’s show it seemed like the rules may have been bent a little. It is funny, because I hear a lot about the commission saying this or that about CZW. If everything is filed properly, they just simply cannot walk in and shut a show down. So, as a fan keep that in mind whenever you hear something to the contrary. It is funny though that ECW had blood whenever they wanted there, but once the other guys (CZW, JAP) come into the building it is a new story. Draw your own conclusions on that one.

PWF owner, Rob Dimension was a recent guest on my show. I just want to comment how impressed I was with his appearance. The guy definitely has the right mindset and business attitude to make the PWF work. As we both said, it is not about becoming number two or twenty-two. It is about making a profit. If you are “number fifty” (& what is the criteria anyway), big deal. If you are number fifty and turning a profit that is all that matters.

I have to say hands down the best television show on right now is Curb Your Enthusiasm. It is created by the same creator of Seinfeld, Larry David. The show is the only thing on television in a long time that actually gets me to laugh out loud during it. It is really hysterical. It is just like an updated-made for cable version of Seinfeld. I think if this show was on a big network, it would be an instant hit. They hit on topics like Seinfeld that you do not consciously think about, but once it is brought up you realize how ridiculous it actually is. I am a huge fan and highly recommend the program.

Speaking of television, this past weekend I watched a lot of the Different Strokes marathon. I loved that show growing up and during my Sociology class with Robby Mireno we quote the show quite frequently. I just noticed how much different television was back than as compared to now. That makes me feel really old, because I grew up watching it. Back than, they had storylines that were funny without an excessive amount of sex or violence. On the contrary, television was less politically correct in some areas. They had an episode where Willis wanted to reacquaint himself with his culture and accused Mr. Drummond of not understand. So Mr. Drummond and Kimberly for a lack of a better word, tried to act or imitate being an African-American. Back than, it was very funny and they had no problem airing it. However, in today’s environment I do not think that episode would have even gotten off the ground. It was very stereotypical, but back than I think people were less uptight. I found it more crazy to watch the show knowing now what happens later in life to Todd Bridges and Dana Plato. Let’s hope the kids on Malcolm in the Middle make out a little bit better.

On to Survivor. I have been pretty quiet about the show, because honestly I have not gotten into it as much as the others. Which is ironic, because my “fantasy trip” is to go on a safari in Africa. As for last week’s episode, that dentist is a moron. How could he sit there with people that are starving for the chance to better their lives from lower, lower-middle, or middle class and tell them he drives a Porche? Is he out of his mind? How would anyone on that island have sympathy for this guy? It is funny because as soon as he said that, I said to myself, “He’s gone.” It worked for Dr. Will on Big Brother, but the hardships and bitterness coming from that house is petty compared to what goes on during Survivor. I have watched a ton of these shows and I am jus fascinated about how many people do not play the game as if it was a game. HINT: All reality television players, it is a game and to win you must play “the game.”

I am considering running a discounted subscription service on all of the CZW Programs. Maybe a 10, or 12 issue subscription at a discounted rate. If you would be interested in something like that, let me know.

I just want to remind everyone that the message board is up and running. It is ironic because I get a ton of email everyday from CZW fans or radio show listeners. They are great emails, such as reactions, ideas, predictions, etc. I think the stuff is great and it is a waste it only goes to me. Share your ideas with everyone. Allow everyone the same opportunity I have to read the mails and posts. The stuff if great and I know a lot of you take a lot of time to write them. So do not waste them on one person, share them with everyone.

I could see the Kurt Angle turn a mile away. As soon as they said that I thought Angle. Why, you ask? Recently, Angle has publicly expressed frustrations with his current character. He is not the only one. For weeks, I have said every week on my show that his new character is just not working. They are taking his old corny personality and trying to get fans to buy him as serious in the same breath. It does not work that way. When he came out dressed as the Undertaker last week, I was thinking that they are killing this guy. I am a huge fan of Kurt Angle (the heel), and really look forward to seeing the old promos and vignettes from him.

I think a big problem in the WWF right now is hot shot booking or writing. I think the key to success in ECW, and older WWF and WCW was that angles played out over time and lead to somewhere. Recent angles have been shot for pay per views and than dropped the next one in. I think they need to really build something up and stick with it. It could get some interest up again. What they do not need is this McMahon crap. It is simply that and I think the angle last week where the kids abused their mother, while fictional was tasteless.

Living in the Philadelphia suburbs, I have been a huge Eagles fan for a long time. Their recent play has been atrocious and the only person to blame is their offensive coordinator, Coach Reid. It is just not working and the offense stinks. You have such a weapon in McNabb, yet he is a big problem too. He misses more open receivers than most QBs. It is funny if you want to draw a comparison between Reid and a head writer in Titan. Reid’s offense, like Titan’s stories have been unsuccessful as of late and have stunk. Yet, he refuses to turn the plays or the book over to someone else. That being said, how are they expected to turn around? If it is not working now, how will it work next week or the week after? Interesting if you think about it for a minute.

An interesting tidbit from Saturday’s CZW show or pre-show so to speak. On the way to the show, I rode with Z Barr. Barr got pulled over on the Walt Whitman Bridge for speeding. Listening to him try and talk his way out of a ticket was the funniest thing I have ever heard. $156 later, I think he should rethink his strategy. Maxum had a great article about how to get out of a speeding ticket a few months back. I would suggest he read it.

I can now see why some kids get burnt out of school. I am only 3 months or so in and I am fried. I have tests every week and homework nightly to boot. I can tell you my attitude and ambition I had from August is wearing thin. It is all about the light at the end of the tunnel, but it is a long haul. I can sympathize more for kids in high school, in that their year is over in June. In college is it based on semesters and we have a long break in the winter. That break cannot come fast enough for me. Between school and wrestling I think I will be checking into a mental institution for Thanksgiving break. What I do not understand is why teachers take the opportunity to assign projects during the little Thanksgiving break that we have? Granted, my semester is only a little more than a month from being done. I just think that some teachers should take the break for what it is meant for, a break.

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