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I have been inspired to write more this week about my life outside of wrestling. For those that know or do not, I am also a full time college student. I returned to school last year after a very lengthy absence. I feel that anyone can do anything if they are specifically taught to do so in that field without college. However, in today’s society a college degree is the only true form of security anyone can have these days.

Now, I think I am a person with a good head on his shoulders. I am very level headed and open minded. I am pro-school and not antiestablishment as I was in high school. Having worked in and around the wrestling business for the last 6-7 years I have learned a lot. I live by a common motto of life which is not to sweat the small stuff. I am a very stress free person as I do not anything get to me. I look at life as you get what you put in. If you work hard and have a positive attitude, that you will have a happy life. Sure, everyone has problems at one time or another or stresses in finance or relationships. But, as long as you and your family are healthy, than everything else is relative. People ask me how I am doing and a lot of times I answer, “What can I complain about? My family is healthy, I am happy.” This is all being said for a reason.

As a student I consider myself very attentive and eager to learn. I think it is a great feeling when you leave a class and you have learned something other than what you came in to class with. That could be a math formula, a philosophy, a piece of history, anything. What I have noticed since going back to school is a lot of bullshit and pettiness from the institution and it’s faculty.

Today, I was in the library on a break from class. Our library is full of computers with online high speed access. I was chatting with a fellow CZW employee and minding my own business. Immediately, as if I had pulled out a gun a “library aide” ran over to me and said, “please do not chat on the computer.” Are you kidding me? It is funny, because there are no rules about looking at pornography on the computer, just chatting. Who was I hurting by chatting online? Was I going to infect the computer with a “chat virus?” What are the computers there for? I believe I did pay to go to this institution and use the tools that are provided? I have a 3.5 GPA, yet I am getting hunted down by the library patrol. Are you kidding me?

Next, I noticed a wall of printers in my library and copy machines. Not an unusual sight in a library or educational institution. I also noticed dollar/change inserts on the machines. You have to pay to copy or print materials. Are you kidding me? These people, along with myself pay money to go here and have to pay to print something. You can even use the scanners for free. Could you imagine your boss asking you to print something and you go to the printer and have to pay to print it? I would imagine that these printers, copiers, and computers were probably all donated as part of a tax write off. I would guess that the materials to replace such as paper, ribbons are also donated or written off. I think that is just pure greed at its finest. I also think it is a disgrace. If it is that costly, add an extra few bucks on to tuition.

Now, I think everyone has a teacher that they like more than others. The key to that from me is who is the best “teacher.” I do have one and he is a great teacher. I think I have learned more thus far in his class than in any other ever, going back to high school. I never miss the guys class, because it is informative. Well, I was ill a week or so ago and I missed one class. The next day, I was put on the spot in the middle of class as to why I missed the class. Than I was given a lecture about missing one class, for all to hear. Needless, to say I felt like a jackass. I notice students that have missed ten classes with less ridicule. I just happened to be that day’s target. Personally, I think the guy is an asshole and has an inferiority problem. There is no need for that. What if I had a personal problem that I did not want to share with the class? Who does this guy think he is? He is a teacher not a parole officer.

Next, let’s move to my least favorite class. This guy is a trip. As a class we were all informed on day two that we had REQUIRED class trips that we had to make. This information was never made available in the syllabus or the catalog. Not only that, by the time we were informed the majority were all sold out. Ok, do you see a problem here? Is it the student’s responsibility to make those trips or the teacher’s to be more organized in how to schedule the trips and get the information out there? I happen to share this class with Robby Mireno from CZW. Robby and I have been friends for a long time and have a good time together. This class is an opinion class and we were told at the beginning of the semester that this was more like an open forum/discussion class. Well, we had a quiz one day during class. A group of students protested a question. Robby, I, and a girl next to us were discussing how ridiculous their protest was, and that we did not want to lose the points for the answer. The guy stopped class and literally flipped out on the three of us during class. The irony is that this guy is a counselor for people with problems, drug habits, etc. This guy not only has no patience, but no control over his class or his emotions. The guy just flat out freaked. Robby proceeded a protest to his outburst, where I just got up and moved. The irony is that every other time this teacher has had a problem with students talking, he would ask them politely to stop. For some reason, he just does not like us. To follow off my wonderful recommendation of this educated genius. The other day I had a question about an assignment. I went up to him and asked what I thought was a legit question. He answered me like I was bothering him. In the middle of our conversation, Robby Mireno had approached him and waited behind me in line to talk to him. In the middle of our discussion, he just stops, ignores me, and starts yelling at Robby for something unrelated. I actually stood there for about two minutes and finally said, “You know what, this does not concern me. I am going to go.” I am not even going to go on about his agenda.

The point is that when you go to college, most students are grown up, matured, and ready to excel. It seems like the colleges and faculty have a lot of growing up to do. I have been lucky enough to be involved the most awesome industry in the world and it has taught me a lot of things. I think I have learned more about the world in wrestling 101, than what I am learning at this institution. I know a lot of younger people in their teens listen to my show, write me, and read my website. I can tell you that I totally understand the bs that a lot of you go through in school. It is not always your fault. I think your parents should think back to when they were in school and try and relate as well.

Now, on to wrestling. The WWF needs a change in a big way. What is that change? Is it new guys on top? If so, what do you do with Austin and Rock? I do not understand how a guy that has been a problem like the Undertaker is being rewarded with a program against Austin? Doubly, I do not understand who in their right minds over there think that it will draw. They have so many talented individuals under contract, that all they have to do is give them a chance. I think it is obvious that whenever a team goes south, you fire the coach. Whenever a television show loses ratings, you get a brand new producer or writing team. It is time for Stephanie McMahon to step down at the top as head writer. She may be a very creative woman, but she has peaked and a year or two off would only help her rejuvenate the creative juices. Who do you put in over there? I really do not know. A lot of people sing the Paul Heyman song and drink the kool aid. I love the guy and will forever be indebted to him for the opportunities. However, ECW’s storylines were atrocious the last year of the company. Maybe he has recharged his batteries, maybe not? I have no problem with a wrestler being in that position, as long as they are not in the ring. Right now one thing is for sure and that is a change at the top is needed.

I keep hearing about all of these new “superfeds” that are starting. It seems as if they come and go overnight. The new two are Jimmy Hart’s XWF and Chicago’s Superfed. For all of the talk I have heard about Hogan and Hart’s new group focusing on young talent, the Harris boys and Brian Knobs do not sound young to me. I think other than the initial interest of a new promotion, the group will not go anywhere. The Chicago league has had Francine as their spokesperson. It features some old ECW talent and the Tough Enough kids. One thing that these promoters better remember when using these TE kids, is that TE 2 is around the corner. In a few months those kids will be forgotten. How many people do you think Andre from the first Real World draw to his concerts these days?

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