Week of 11/14/01

The following is a republished diary/commentary from ProWrestlingRadio.com.

This is the first time I have had to actually sit down all week and write a commentary. As the semester in school comes to a close, it is becoming more time consuming by the week. I will do the best I can to cover a variety of topics.

First off, this past Saturday’s CZW show. I want to preface this and every comment by saying the following. I do not have to always support and defend CZW. I was an opinionated talk show host, way before I became employed by CZW. Without credibility, my opinions will mean nothing. That said, I am not going to purposely go out of my way to defend or defame them or anyone else I am friends with or work for. I say this, because I received an email this week from a fan. This fan had complaint and I tried to give an un biased answer. He replied that I had to defend CZW and really did not accept my response. While he is entitled to his opinion, he is wrong.

The number one topic on our message board has been Menace. I would be doing everyone that reads my commentary (and it still shocks me how many hits this always gets) a disservice if I was to completely ignore this controversial topic. This youngster from Tennessee debuted with our company Saturday. His ring attire consisted of baggy Sabu-like pants, and a mask. Some fans are in an uproar over the similarities of this man’s mask and Hayabusa’s mask. They say that it is disrespectful and they are calling for everything but a Salem Witch Trial. Here is my take on the situation.

First off, the guy was not wearing a Hayabusa mask. It was very similar, but it was not a Hayabusa mask. It was a unique mask consisting of Japanese and Mexican properties. Second of all, this guy has been working for 7 1/2 years down south. This guy did not just jump out of a wrestling school and decide he was going to wear a Hayabusa-like mask. This guy has been working for a long time. A fan pointed out to me that he did not start wearing this mask until a year ago. If that is true, what is the problem? I have never seen so many people so upset about something so ridiculous. Should anyone that does a Hayabusa move in our company be pointed out? Well, that would be about most of our locker room.

The guy was an innovator, and out of respect people use his moves. Should the sleeper have been banned after Adrian Adonis died? How is Tommy Dreamer’s respect for Louie Spicolli in delivering the Spicolli Driver no different from this? I have just never seen so much talk about something so fruitless. Most of the posts are from people that did not even see the match or attend. You can look at anyone’s gimmick and see a little bit of the person or people they were influenced by. I think with all of the tragedy of 9/11 and everything else going on in the world today, that this really is taking up to much unnecessary energy. Again, I am not paid to defend CZW. I am paid to do commentary, help out with administrative functions, and leave. That is it! So, please do not think I am blindly defending this guy or the company here. If Menace wrestled for JAP, LAW, WWF, or anywhere I would say the same thing.

The other issue is the amount of no-shows this weekend. Was it bad? It definitely is not a good thing when your main event advertised does not happen. I heard people saying that they should get a refund. Does that mean when you get a surprise (SAT), you should be charged a few more dollars as you leave the show? The card is subject to change. We were in a really bad bind. We needed to do a show before COD 3. The only open date for Champs was this past Saturday. When the card was put together, nobody was aware that Adam Flash was booked elsewhere and Wifebeater had a previous engagement. No matter what you read anywhere, Van Hammer was never booked or even considered to be on the show. It pisses me off because people are reporting that he no-showed, and now the guy could lose bookings from getting a “no-showing reputation.” Jay Briscoe broke his arm Friday night playing football. So now, we were in a real jam.

Do we cancel the show or try and come up with a plan B. All of these people that screamed that they wanted the SAT back, and got what they have been asking for. Totally unscheduled and they got a bonus match in which the SAT and Divine, Storm, and XL worked about 5 minutes after their return. Granted, we did not give you the advertised main event, but the team everyone has been screaming to come back returned. Adam Flash was going to do a double shot. We tried to extend intermission to give him time to arrive. He got caught in Maryland traffic and called at intermission saying he just crossed the border. Now, we could hold the show up for an hour or just chalk it up and keep going. I think the return of the SAT and the pop they got was awesome. I was so happy to have them back. They are great kids and they will always be a part of our family.

They will add a brand new dimension once again to our company. Nick Mondo and Danny Rose were never advertised nor scheduled for the show. Is this the last time that there will be a last minute change before a show? Probably not. It has happened before in ECW, WWF, and WCW. How many times do fans pay for an advertised Raw main event at the live shows and do not get it? I am not saying that this is a great move to not deliver, but I think most of our fans are there to see CZW. I think they got a hell of a surprise in the SAT and most people left happy.

This brings me to my next topic. You know, before I worked for ECW as a ring announcer I was privileged enough to be allowed into the locker room and the shows early. As part of an unwritten rule of trust, I would never report on any happenings behind the scenes to fans, newsletters, or on the RF Video hotline. Rob, Doug, nor myself would do such a thing. If we did, it was understood that we would have our privileges removed or be ripped to shreds to Paul Heyman or someone else. More or less, we would be corrected. I think that is common sense. If something was to leak about ECW, we would be very choosy in what we reported. We were there to help and support the company and not hurt it. Between the three of us, we saw and heard a lot of different things. Only with Paul Heyman’s permission would we report those. Bob Ryder I am sure had the same understanding as an employee of WCW and writer for 1wrestling.com, as I am sure Dave Scherer, Mike Johnson, and anyone else who was allowed access at ECW that was a writer.

Saturday, we at CZW allowed a few people in to our show early. These people were allowed in as a consideration for the support they have given us on the Internet. As a small company, we need all of the support we can get. Now, we should not have to sit down and give these people a rule book. Needless to say, the next day a certain person went on CZW’s message board and “reported” information was not meant to be reported. The information he reported only hurt our company. This person has done this before to our company. I do not know if you are trying to be a “champion of the people,” or trying to show everyone how smart you are. I have tried to politely explain to him that he hurts the company he claims to want to help in doing this. I have offered him the opportunity to contact me or the owner with any questions or concerns rather than going public. He did contact me, after he made his posts on our board. I think the guy is a jackass personally. We did an angle at the beginning of the show to explain the no-shows. Unfortunately, in his crack reporting he failed to mention that anywhere. All I know is if this was ECW, he would not only be allowed back inside before shows or given special treatment, but would also be lectured until he understood the problem.

I want to talk about last night’s Real World. Let me set this up for a minute. There is a guy on the show named Malik. The guy all season has been portrayed as this really nice and genuine guy. The kinda guy that I am sure will receive a million female-admirer letters and emails. He is representative of a lot of us common guys. Just nice guys, looking for a relationship. No baggage, just upfront, honest, and romantic. Recently, he has developed this relationship with one of the former Road Rules cast members. A very cute Puerto Rican girl. Last week’s episode had nothing but love written all over it for these two. On one hand it made you sick, but on the other it kind of brought a smile to your face. Most guys are happy for Malik thinking that he gives us nice guys hope. The two had sex and with the way that Malik was feeling, it was all about making love and all of that nonsense.

The girl comes back (new episode) to spend the weekend with Malik. So, he is all about talking about how much he is digging this chic as she is saying initially. Well, the walls came crashing down about five minutes into the show. Her former Road Rules member arrives, as does a bunch of a people (they were all going away to the Catskills). It turns out to be one big party. This girl begins immediately flirting with her former R. Rules member. At this point, she is totally blowing Malik off. It was amazing if you watched the episode before this where they fell in love. Than, in one of the craziest things I have ever seen on the Real World, this girl, another chic, and one of the guys in the house are in the confessional. The two girls start kissing, she kisses the guy, the other one does. It was the closest thing to a Real World orgy I have ever seen. Than, the girl and her former Road Rules member who she had been flirting with the whole show are in the confessional. About five minutes into it, he rips his shirt off, she rips hers off, and they are not just kissing, but they are tearing each other up. It was the most fascinating thing I have ever seen on the Real World. Meanwhile, this poor guy Malik is trying so hard to ignore the obvious of what is going on. It almost made you want to cry or get real angry, because you could sympathize with this dude.

She than comes out of the room and than hops in the bed across from this Malik guy to more or less play more head games. The dude blows it off but you no deep down inside his stomach is in knots. Not only has this girl broke his heart, but she completely made a jackass out of him on world wide television and to his roommates and friends. The next day she tries to explain to him that she likes to kiss and it was just innocent kissing. MY ASS! He, (like a total sucker) tells her it is cool, but you know deep down he is so hurt and angry and is in denial. The show ends in which they all go to the Catskills. She is totally at it again with the guys there, leaving this poor guy by himself. I do not know who I was more angry at. Her, for being the total evil and heartless bitch or him for being such a sucker and not standing up for himself and telling the girl what’s up! It was even crazier, because her actions remind me of an ex-girlfriend I dated on and off for a few years. Not that this ever happened, but I could easily see it happen if we were in the same predicament. The girl even looks like her (other than the fact she is Puerto Rican). Every girl should watch next week’s Real World and the last two shows. Than, you will understand why you are all evil and why we feel that you are all out for yourselves. DTAW. Don’t ever trust a woman.

I am really looking forward to this Saturday. I will be joined on my show by wrestling legend, Killer Kowalski. I think it is disgusting how wrestling ignores their legends and pioneers. I could talk to these old-timers for hours. I am going to allow for you to call in and ask questions. I think it should be a lot of fun. I am really looking forward to it. I drastically cut back on the amount of interviews and guests on the show this year. I found that most people did not care and preferred to use the hour to call in or listen to the fans and callers. Ideally, I would love to go up to two hours and do an interview in one hour and calls in the next.

Proceeding the radio show, I will be ring announcing later that night at Westaby Hall in Fairless Hills, PA. It is the first time I have ring announced a male-wrestling (non-GLOOW) show in about two years. I received a lot of emails for tickets. If you did not get an email back confirming tickets, that means I ran out. Unless you actually heard from me on the air or email saying, “you have tickets,” than you don’t. I would love to meet as many people in the area as possible at this show. If you are a regular radio show listener, or CZW fan please approach me and do not be shy. The show features a thumbtack match, bull rope match, battle royal, King Kong Bundy, the Patriot, and more. Bell time is 7:30 PM and you can call the Westaby Hall at 215-943-0194 or 215-547-7888 for ticket information.

One more thing before I go. I just finished recording vignettes for the CZW Year In Review video this past Saturday. The tape will be played exclusively on the bus trip coming down from New York.It is an awesome video and really captures the last year in CZW. Some matches include; Un F’n Believable, Jay Briscoe vs Mark Briscoe, Justice Pain vs Ric Blade vs Nick Gage vs Lobo, SAT vs Ric Blade and the Briscoes, Justice Pain vs Yoshihiro Tajiri, Zandig vs. Tommy Dreamer, The Briscoes vs. Johnny Kashmere and Justice Pain, Justice Pain vs. Wifebeater, and more. I am also going to bring several of the wrestlers on the bus for everyone to ask questions, get pictures, and autographs. Also, I found out today that everyone will receive a complimentary program. You cannot beat that for $35. Plus, the convenience of not having to drive. Check out my news section for all of the information on that.

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