Week of 7/24/01

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Week of 7/24/01:

I guess the first thing to discuss this week is the WWE Invasion pay per view. Yes, I broke down and watched the damn thing. I was so interested in this pay per view, and probably more than any other in recent time. I think the whole thing was just a huge let down on what could have been that it totally deflated the balloon.

I did not think it was that good and if you did, you probably were not asking for much. I thought the whole thing really dragged on. There was no buildup of a lot of these guys and the thing was promoted and booked just horribly. Take away the fancy names; the main event was really just 8 WWF guys and 2 new guys. Plus, the fans have seen these two new guys in quite a few different matches in the last month. There was no intrigue at all, to me anyway.

Rob Van Dam stole the show and proved his critics wrong. RVD stuck it up the nose of all of those people who said he was overrated. I also thought at times that he was overrated, but I was proven wrong also. He was more over than anyone on that show, other than team WWF. The scary thing is that with WWF booking as of late, he will probably wind up wrestling Stevie Richards at Summerslam.

The Steve Austin turn was just stupid. OK, you turn him babyface for one week, turn him back, and expect that to be anything dramatic? Now, if you turned him here first, rather than Wrestlemania, you would have had one hell of a reaction. Anyone could see this coming from miles away. I even talked about the turning possibilities on my show Saturday. Rock is coming back, and you knew he was not coming back as a heel.

Tajiri, Raven, and Tazz had good matches and outings I thought also. I really think Raven is so underutilized that it is insane. I liked JR’s commentary for the show though. He brought up historical references to both ECW and WCW history and included names that were not even with the company. The other bright side is the push that Rhyno is getting out of this. I am a huge Rhyno fan, and I think there is major money in that guy. It is so sad to think of what could have been, should ECW have continued.

I finally got to see CZW television for the first time live as it aired. That was a really cool feeling. I was usually home for GLOOW at 1AM, but I have missed the first two CZW shows.

I think the wrestling aspect of the show was awesome. How could you not be satisfied, whether you are a wrestling, high-flying, or hardcore fan? I would put that show with that wrestling against anything. I just don’t see how you can watch those matches and not become a fan or if anything, mildly interested. I had never watched the Wifebeater-Zandig match from Mexico before. I have already taken the opportunity to rib the boss about his flying elbow.

Unlike last week, I was really happy with my commentary for the matches from this past week. It is still a trial and error period and that is understandable, but that did bother me. I am really pushing hard to overdub the television shows. I think it is necessary to put over the show as current and to also promote during the broadcast. I do enjoy doing live commentary, but for the show I think this is necessary. I would also like to see more promos from the guys on the show as well. So the fans can get more of a grasp on their character.

I woke up Monday morning to a message on my machine from the boss giving me the rating and the number of people that watched. I was ecstatic and called him back immediately. I think it is surreal that 50,000 households were exposed to Fake You TV. The ratings are going up by the week and I think you will see some sponsorship come aboard in upcoming weeks. I get emails and calls from people I have not talked to in ages, telling me that they saw me on the show. That is telling me that the word is out about CZW and people are in to giving it a chance. It is just very surreal to think that the first show I called had about 200 fans and the matches were just a lot different than. I am just really happy to see that the efforts are paying off for all of the hard work our boys and everyone else has given us. I really think that this can work, and expect to see us touring regularly in 2002. I hope that the WWF continue their current booking and have the people begging for an alternative.

It seems that the heat between JAP and CZW finally died down. You know something, both promotions are two different animals and there is no reason we all can’t exist. I just think if you are going to go out there and make a name for yourself, build your own guys and promote the hell out of them. For all of these people that are upset that the Briscoes pulled out of the JAP show and claim that they were pressured too. There is a promoter in Delaware, who happens to be one of the most respected promoters in the business. The same people, who took shots at CZW for the Briscoes pulling out, love this same promoter. This same promoter also fired the Briscoes for working another show and regularly tells his talent who they can and cannot work for. Why not applaud the Briscoes for showing loyalty to a company that has given and will give them a ton of exposure? I just don’t see how you can trash CZW one minute and than expect their tag team champions to come in and wrestle on the show like it is no problem? I also read a post by their announcer on there and wanted to thank him for mentioning my name. Now, the people on the JAP board who had no idea who I am do now. I just think in these kinds of issues, that you should keep your mouth closed if you start the trouble. It is like the kid that throws rocks at your house when you aren’t looking and all of the sudden is innocent once you fire back at him.

On a non-wrestling related note, I finally saw the Blair Witch 2 movie. I really liked it a lot and I had heard terrible reviews of it. It is nothing like the first, and probably should have been called something different. It is really weird, because as an announcer I try and point out the little things as much as the big during a match or show. Everything is done for a reason in a wrestling match, and whether it is for that match or another time, the strings usually get tied together. I watch a lot of WWF tapes to study Jim Ross and sometimes he would point things out that I did not understand. Later, that call would make sense in explaining another match or the same one. I try and do that with CZW, in order to get over the psychology of a match. The reason I bring this up is that during the BW2 movie, this happens quite a lot. Something will be focused on at a point, which is irrelevant to what is currently going on. The person I watched this movie with did not pick up on this at all. I did and as the movie played on things became more obvious, due to the mental notes that I had made. It is kind of scary to think that in the year and a half of doing announcing, that I may have picked up a third eye.

It is funny, because sometimes CZW will run a few weeks in a row. I love to work, as does everyone in our company. However, sometimes you really look forward to that weekend you have off. The funny thing is that once it comes, I become bored to death. I was not the only one, as I wound up conversing with half of our locker room online this past Saturday night.

You know, I read the transcript of an interview that Sandman did on a radio show out of Florida. The show is hosted by a guy that is actually a friend of mine. In trying to get themselves over with their guest, they took some real cheap shots at CZW. In a conversation I had with the host, he admitted never even seeing the product. What pissed me off was his partner who referred to our talent as trained dogs. Well, you sir are a jack ass for making a statement like that. If you do not like the product, to each their own. However, these are some of the most talented guys you will ever see step in to a ring. Are they polished veterans, no. They do have the heart of a lion and talent to boot. To refer to them as trained dogs make you sir, an asshole. You know, the more the company grows the more people will come out and take shots. Some out of jealousy and some out of ignorance. I don’t want to come off beating the drum because I work here. Even in referring to wrestlers in other groups that I may not be a fan of, I have never referred to them as trained dogs. It is a lot easier to sit and look from the outside, than to get in there. I can tell you that I am proud and honored to work with these trained dogs, and these trained dogs will be around here for a long time to come. A statement like that sir, is not just a shot at CZW, but a shot at wrestlers themselves.

I have heard a lot about this Sandman promotion. I think it is a great thing and hope it works. It will only bring more attention to the rest of the business. I just don’t see how this can last too long. I may be ignorant, but it reminds me a lot of the old TWA shows. TWA would book a ton of named and high-priced talent and would lose a lot of cash. I honestly think the formula for a successful promotion comes from building your own talent and fan base. I hope it takes off and wish everyone the best involved, and hopefully can do some promoting of the shows on my radio show. Next time why don’t you just come out and call them all pieces of sh$$?

This whole ECW-WCW continues to get worse. Just look at the Smackdown and Heat spoilers. On Heat, every single WCW/ECW guy goes down. Even Chavo, had to lose his win he got last week over Scotty 2 Hotty. Now, Kurt Angle is the new WCW Champion. Any kind of intrigue to that belt and championship is done. It is now like WWF with 10 belts. It really makes me more angry, than anything watching this angle play out. I just cannot tell you how disinterested I am in the current product. I am not saying I could do a better job or they suck, but I am just not a fan of the current WWF. I have always been a huge fan of the “who’s better than Kanyon” gimmick. I am a big Kanyon fan, and I think they can really do something with him. He is one of the most creative guys I have ever seen in the business, both in character and moves. I remember Goldberg’s first title defense was against him on Thunder. I was so excited to see this match, thinking that Kanyon could have a hell of a match with him. 3 minutes later, it was a squash. I hope that does not happen again. By the way, it is looking more and more that Goldberg, Flair, Nash, and Hall were smarter than everyone after all.

I am totally caught up in the Big Brother hysteria. I loved the first show and spent countless hours at my PC watching the webcast. I really liked last year’s show, but the cast was very dull at times. This year’s cast is the best casting of any reality show I have ever seen. You have such a mix of personalities that captivate an audience. It is a true soap opera in every sense of the word. I will give you my take on it, for anyone that watches. Shannon is a complete idiot and needs to realize that this is a game. Who the hell told her to get in to a relationship while on a reality show?

It is like a wrestling angle building up to the moment when she leaves the house and is confronted by her bf. While some of you probably have no idea or care what I am talking about, you should really give it a shot. One hour of this show will hook you. It is the only show I think I have ever went out of the way to tape when I am not home. I can tell you that is a hell of a lot more interesting than Smackdown. This Thursday, I have cancelled my plans and will have the voice mail on during this week’s show.

I recently watched the Greg Valentine shoot interview done by RF Video. It is an awesome shoot and he really lets loose. I am not doing this as a plug, but I really did like it. I can sit and watch interviews with guys from his era for days at a time. When Rob asks him about what he would do as a booker, it makes you realize why he has never gotten the book. I was a big GV fan, and watched many matches that he had at the Spectrum against Tito Santana. If you can get a tape of those matches, I really think they were Greg at his best. His series in the early 80’s against Bob Backlund was awesome too.

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