Week of 8/08/01

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Week of 8/08/01:

Where do I start with this week’s commentary? I have a ton to say, and most of it is not even wrestling related. I will do the best I can.

I spent four days videotaping the Wrestlingvixxxens.com photo shoot for an RF Video release. As a member of RF Video, I was able to be a part of some real cool projects. Some of the highlights include our FMW trip to Japan in 96′, traveling to Leon White’s house for a shoot interview, and of course all of our road trips with ECW. The 4 days I spent with the vixens was far and above the craziest thing I have ever been a part of.

I did a full-length column exclusively for Rfvideo.com on the shoot. I have mixed reactions about the vixens themselves. There is a lot that went on up there that I cannot comment on at this time. I will just say that I saw some real troubling things outside of the shoot and it was both sad and disgusting. One day I will talk about it, either here or somewhere else.

Missy Hyatt was a real cool lady. She is almost like one of the guys. She is a real nice woman and just a lot of fun to be around. She brought levity to a lot of very tense moments. I am really looking forward to doing more shoots with the vixxxens for RF Video.

I am very psyched for this weekend’s CZW show. I am a fan just like everyone else, and there are two matches I cannot wait to see. The Briscoes and VD have not worked together in months. They wrestled each other one time and it was the first match that VD had as a team. Eddie and the Briscoes worked many times together in the ECWA. I just really think that these two teams are going to tear the house down in Smyrna.

The no roped barbed wire match just brings so much intrigue. I can tell you honestly that Mondo nor Gage were happy with their efforts from their last match. They have a lot to prove to each other and themselves. That is the problem sometimes when you put together two guys for the first time. The first event I ring announced for ECW saw the very first match between RVD and Sabu against the Eliminators. At that time, it was a very anticipated match. Frankly, the match was not that good and it was very disappointing. Paul Heyman showed his true genius and continued to pair these 4 together week in and week out. 4 months later they were having the best matches on the circuit. I feel that Mondo and Gage have that kind of potential. They are both two of the best workers that do the death match style matches. I just think that if you want to see something special, come to Smyrna this Saturday.

This brings me to my next rant on here, which is the MECW. It has truly generated a lot of talk on the Internet the last two weeks. It just goes to show that fans and writers are hungry to talk about anything other than the WWF.

They have announced that they are doing a free show this Saturday. I don’t want to judge the cart before the horse, but this promotion is looking worse by the week to me. It just seems to me that they are rushing this whole project with little organization at all. A lot of information about the company changes by the day. The owner comes off from everything that I hear and read like a guy in a get rich quick scheme.

First this promotion said they have television. Then, they said that they don’t. Then they said they are working on it. I can tell you ten promoters off the top of my head that are “working on” or talking to stations. Let’s be frank (not fat), I can call a station and tell them I have plans for a wrestling show and than tell everyone that I am negotiating a deal. Secondly, John Collins has claimed that this Saturday’s ECW Arena show would be a television taping. Now, it is going to be taped as a television pilot. Thirdly, they were claiming that they would have a big advertising campaign on Raw and Smackdown. No ads have run, due to timing. They are now offering fans the opportunity to see the show for free. That is a great idea, but the only ones that will know about this are the smarter fans. JAP has burnt a lot of them out of that building with a lot of the same talent. The free admittance is a great idea, but if nobody knows about it, it won’t matter anyway. It just seems that nothing is organized over there.

They also claim to be bringing back wrestling the way it used to be. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have heard that slogan used by new promotions. I can also tell you how many have that succeeded. Do people even want to see wrestling the way it used to be? Do they have the personnel to give it to us? I don’t think they do.

If I had a considerable amount of money to start a promotion, I can tell you that I would do things a lot different. Instead of giving people the wrestlers that they have seen, I would give them the ones they have not. Why not show the hot, new, and young indie talent that is out there? Again, the kids that bust their ass for 20 bucks a night are the ones losing here. Instead, you have a guy hired that was fired from the WWF in less than a week after headlining Raw. If these guys were a draw, they would be in the WWF. I just don’t see any value in a roster with guys on top like Curt Hennig, Buff, and Public Enemy. If ECW was still in business, I don’t think Paul Heyman would be using any of these guys.

The buzz by many wrestlers that have been approached by reps from this promotion is not a good one. Most feel that the group won’t happen on any grand scale level. I do not begrudge the talent for working there. I am sure they smell green and will take it.

As someone that makes a living from this business, I would only hope that this works. It will give me and everyone else another opportunity and create more jobs. If it is successful, it will only help increase in the business overall. I am not saying this because I work for CZW, but would put a CZW show up against the MECW any day. I just have a gut feeling that the CZW main event of Gage and Mondo will be a lot more fun to watch than Buff Bagwell against Curt Hennig.

Anyone catch the Southpark episode last week? How can this air? Hey, I have a very whacked out sense of humor but c’mon. I do not see any humor in an eight-year-old child hand manipulating a dog to climax. Bottom line is that it is sick porn. Maybe I am just getting older and out of touch with what is funny.

How about this Fear Factor show? I think it is very cool, but it is very troubling. I mean these are stunts and acts that have serious consequences if something goes wrong. I was watching a show where the contestant had to go under water in a car and get out, etc. Sure, they have people on standby if something goes wrong and these are supervised. What happens if the person panics and has a heart attack or just freaks out and cannot do anything? I saw a show where rats were biting at the contestants. What about rabids or what if a rat started biting their face and scarred them? It is a real sick show and I do not even see how it is legal.

Raw was a real weird show. It just seemed like it was a great show building for a big explosion towards the end. I did find something very interesting though. I love what the WWF are doing with Booker T. It is great and entertaining. Same thing goes for Lance Storm and even DDP. What kills me is that WCW had these guys for a long time and just missed the boat. It just goes to show you how clueless that they really were. Overall I loved Raw. Every time I see Shane McMahon out there getting any kind of offense against a wrestler, it just boggles my mind a little. It also looked as if Kurt Angle was going back to his old dorky character. I like that, because I was always a fan of Angle.

I really enjoyed the CZW television show this week. The formula seems to be working, because the ratings keep going up. I think less matches mean more and that was obvious this past Saturday night. The promos were real good and showed the depth of people like Johnny Kashmere. I found myself laughing at WB’s line about the barbeques. CZW has not even scraped the surface yet of their capabilities. I was real happy with my commentary from the show as well. I am doing a chat on CZW’s website this week. I am really looking forward to it and expect the haters as well as the fans. It is all good, as I love feedback whether positive or negative.

See you all on Saturday.

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