Week of 8/28/01

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Week of 8/28/01:

It is kind of a weird week to do a commentary. It is so far between CZW shows it is hard to express any kind of emotion on anything involved. There was no pay per view this past weekend. So, I will just go with random thoughts.

I finally saw American Pie 2. I loved the first movie. It was one of the few movies that actually got me to laugh several times in the movie. I cannot say the same about this one. It is kind of hard to do a sequel since the first one was about them trying to get laid and they did. Who in their right mind would give up Nadia for the band chic? It just seemed like a really dumb teen movie with the sappy happy ending. You know those, every single Freddie Prince, Jr. flick. I would save your money and wait for the home video. There were some funny parts of the movie, but overall it was a disappointment.

Well, after my commentary last week there was a ton of ga ga involving the SAT. I don’t really have anything to add anymore on it. It is not I left out anything in the commentary last week or anything. It is up to the reader to believe what I had to say. If you don’t, there is nothing I can do for you. I received some real harsh bashing on boards and through email. They all seemed like the came from the same people. I don’t think there is anything wrong with someone speaking for the SAT. I just think that the person should not hide behind a screen name and post their real name. I wrote what I had to say and stand by it. I think that person took some real personal shots at CZW and the workers. This person may be nobody connected to the SAT and only be a fan. I like the SAT and think they are very talented. I think people predicting the doom of CZW over them leaving are wishful thinkers. In the same sentences they will trash the company. I would take it more respectably if the basher did not have an agenda. The sum of CZW are greater than it’s parts and you can say that about any promotion. Hell, that was proven when the WWF’s top star Steve Austin went out, as well as the Rock and Triple H at times. I am sure the SAT will prosper and need to do what they think is best. I wish them worlds of luck and I will most likely run in to them on the circuit. The bottom line is that CZW will go on without them and they can go on without CZW.

I do think however that people are getting dragged in to this unwarranted. John House, my color commentator got dragged in to this for some ungodly reason. Someone quoted him for asking the SAT’s to come back. They assassinated his character and him as a human being for that. John never wrote such email and released a very good statement on his thoughts. I have known John for a while and we may not always see eye to eye, but I have always found him to be honest and forthcoming. I think it was irresponsible of boards like DVD to allow a post making such unproven allegations. Again, this is a case of someone assassinating the character of an individual by name, yet not revealing their own name. It sounds to me like it is someone in the business, because why would a fan go anonymous? I do think the right thing to do would have been for all parties to talk to each other on this. Let’s call a spade a spade here, this is the indies. I think any professional that sees how things were handled by all parties will come to the same conclusion I tried to expand on last week. This is truly the last I will speak on this here in the commentary. If you notice, I have not taken a shot at anyone here except their representative or whoever it is making these posts. If their rep really wants a forum to talk about this situation, the number is 1-888-922-2149 every Saturday at 12:05PM/EST.

I thought this past week’s television show was far and away the best yet. If there was ever a time with everything that has gone down where we needed a kick ass show it was this last Saturday. While everyone should be commended for their incredible match, Justice Pain stole the show. He may be the most underrated talent on the indies. Does he fly and do corkscrews, no? Can he work his ass off and get a storyline over in a match? Absolutely. I cannot think of a better representative of our company to wear the strap. The guy is just absolutely tremendous. He has come the furthest in my opinion from day one for me in CZW. This takes nothing away from Kashmere and the Briscoes, because they were fantastic as well. I would argue that the match was better than anything else I have seen on the indies. Again, what is your idea of a great match on the indies? One where guys just get in there and through highspots together or one that tells a story? It all is what your taste is, and mine is the latter. Notice how all 4 guys chose their spots and when Jay hit his J Driller on Pain it meant the world, where I have seen guys do the same spot in a match with 50 other similar spots where it meant nothing. I have received a real positive response on the commentary from all of the boys thus far. Some fans are a little upset about my Ric Blade reference. For those of you that are, I do apologize. I try to be a little edgy and sometimes get caught up in the moment. I think the back and forth between House and I was real entertaining. I think we may have overdone at times, but otherwise I was happy with it. I have heard that next week’s show is just as tremendous.

I go back to school starting tomorrow. I have a full schedule so don’t look for updates here on the website until the middle of the afternoons. Wish me luck!

For all of you GLOOW fans out there, I have real good news. I will be returning to the GLOOW studios for the first time since May this coming Thursday. I will be laying down overdubs for an upcoming GLOOW home video release. I will reunite for the first time since July in Danbury, CT with Jeffery J. James and the Soundguy. If you cannot tell, I am very excited. GLOOW has it’s critics (just like CZW and everyone else), but it is without a doubt one of the most entertaining alternatives out there. I really enjoy calling the action for GLOOW, because I can be myself and add more wit and humor to the announcing. It is kind of like a “let your hair down” atmosphere. I always enjoyed doing it, but after being away from their for a few months I miss it more than ever. Honestly, I just love the wrestling business and doing announcing for anyone. Anytime I get the chance to do it, it is just an amazing feeling. I love CZW to death, but it’ll be nice to get back in their with those two guys. From what I understand there is a really good chance that this will be the first in a series of unreleased footage available for home video.

I recently finished contributing questions to RF Video’s Kevin Sullivan shoot interview. If there was ever an interview that I want to see it is his. I was such a fan growing up of this guy. I would buy magazines like crazy and just look at those crazy pics of him in his Satan gimmick or bloodying up someone. Talk about a guy that has been attacked repeatedly for his contributions in WCW. I am sure this will turn out to be one hell of an interview. I am going to be writing questions for two huge ones they have lined up coming up in September. One is a guy that I have been a fan of since I was kid. I can’t wait to see how these turn out. After they do the interviews and I get the green light I will talk more on them in the commentary.

I almost forgot and how can I. I received the CZW DVD No Rules, No Limits show last week from Onvideo Productions. We had a mini viewing party at Robby Mireno’s with myself and Z Barr. The best part of the viewing party was the shoot between Barr and Mireno. I have never seen such a beautiful drop toe hold in to an ankle lock from Mireno. The DVD was out of this world and looks like a video game. The company has come such a long way from that show last July. I have been really pushing hard for this crew to come down and film an upcoming show. This is without a doubt the most professional video that CZW has ever had produced. It contains some really cool graphics and added bios on everyone in the video. The Nick Gage-Wifebeater match was just tremendous on that video, as they all were. I think the DVD will be available at upcoming shows, but don’t quote me on that. It is well worth the purchase.

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