Week of 9/13/01

The following is a republished diary/commentary from ProWrestlingRadio.com.I woke up this morning to the usual sounds of Howard Stern on my radio. I am off from school today, so I usually just lay in bed and listen to Stern until I feel like getting up. Someone called in to the Stern show and said that the World Trade Center was on fire at around 9 AM/EST. Sterm thought that it was a prank, but was shocked moments later when he turned on the television in his studio and confirmed the call. Seconds later, I turned on my television and I found myself glued to the television set on Black Tuesday.

I am sitting here writing this column as the United States is in a stand still. I have never in my 29 years seen or experienced anything like this. What can I say about pro wrestling at a time like this? Does it really matter how I feel about what went down in CZW last weekend?

I cannot say that I am surpassed at the turn of events. In wrestling, we always see or talk about the little guy going after the big dog to make an impact. The whole DDP-Undertaker angle was based on that premise. Sports and even every day business operate under those goals. I just cannot see with all of the money we spend on defense and antiterrorism, how this could happen? There is a small report that states the FBI were aware of a possible attack beforehand. If that is the case, how could they let this happen? Some people are going to have a lot of explaining to do.

At present time there are planes just crashing and circling around the country. I am watching a crawl on CBS listing all of the hijacked planes at present. The country is under attack and nobody is truly safe. This is like a movie playing out right in front of our very eyes.

How about all of the innocent people that have lost their lives or a loved one’s over politics? In reality these kind of wars only bring about more innocent casualties than anything else. How can all of these planes be hijacked on one day? It strikes me odd that we are just sitting here taking this and not retaliating. I do not know what you do in a situation like this, but it just strikes me odd that we are doing nothing. Something is better than nothing.

My family regularly visit the World Trade Center as tourists. If there is any saving grace, and believe me there is not. It would be that the attacks occurred so early that I would doubt any schools had tours underway at that time.

I am waiting for my television to go all snowy and than a terrorist to come on the screen and make demands. That is how surreal this attack and this day truly is. If I had children, I would pull them out of school now. That is what is so crazy about this, is that nobody is safe. That may sound drastic, but nobody is safe from these attacks.

This is not a time to go out on the street and attack the innocent. This country is full of Arabian immigrants. There are reports out now of people beating up cab drivers, etc. These people have families too that are waiting at home for their loved one to return. They came to this country for a better and more fair life. These people are just as innocent as those passengers that sit in the planes that are hijacked and crashed. I only ask that everyone comes to their senses and channel their energies in to volunteering and helping others, rather than inflicting more violence and chaos.

I apologize for the lack of wrestling talk in this column. CZW had a very successful show this past Saturday and I have a ton of feedback to offer. I would love to share my thoughts on the show, both good and bad with all of you. I just honestly have no motivation whatsoever to talk wrestling. I will do the best I can to do another commentary before week’s end on the site. I cannot make any promises, but I will certainly try.

Please, take a moment of silence in your day to think about the innocent lost lives of families, children, and all of the men and women from this tragedy. I know I will be thinking and praying for them all day long. I am very confident in our President and his Secretary of Defense in handling this matter. Again, it will be another high price to pay for innocent people that will suffer at the ignorance of a few. I am going to return to my television and radio. Again, I do apologize for the non-wrestling column. As I write this I am hearing a report of 164 people killed in one of the crashes. This is truly a dark day in all of our lifetime and I hope it never gets darker.

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