Week of 9/23/01

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Week of 9/23/01:

I have a few things to talk about in this week’s commentary. I will most likely be all over the place in the piece so I apologize early in advance.

Yesterday’s CZW show was quite a show on all accounts. I will be honest with you and tell you I am not a fan of the shows at the Break Away Tavern. I do not think the atmosphere is appropriate to have a great show. I also think it looks rather second rate when the shows are used for television. On a personal note, I have been “fortunate” to be placed right in the direction of the sun on all of the Smyrna shows.

Let’s just skip right to the main event, a 200 light tube match between Nate Hatred and Wifebeater. I have said a million times that the sickest match I have ever seen in CZW was the original 200 light tube match on 6/25/00. Not anymore. Yesterday’s match was a true hard core wrestling fan’s dream. I don’t even think Atsushi Onita in his prime wrestled in a match half as violent as this one. It was almost like a game of “I can take more pain than you can.”

I really like Wifebeater and Nate Hatred both professionally and personally. They are two of my favorite guys that we have in our locker room and I have a real good relationship with both men. That said, I have to be honest and tell you I was scared for both guys at different points of the match. I just cannot fathom how one man, and in this case two can endure that much pain and abuse on the human factor. When I was 21 out of curiosity I went to an underground Sadomasochistic Club. That is a whole book, rather than a diary. However, I will tell you that I “tapped out” and turned my head halfway in to the “festivities.” What I saw yesterday made those “festivities” seem like finger painting.

At one point in the match, Nate had a huge chunk of glass just sticking out of his back. WB’s back looked like a piece of raw bloody meat. Another point in the match I noticed that Nate had glass in his mouth. To the fans, a breath taking sight, but to me a very scary one.

Once the match was over both men walked to the locker room on their own accord. Immediately after I wrapped up the event on commentary, I too headed to the back. I had my little brother with me and even as an employee of the company I had problems getting to the back. At that point I got pretty scared for the boys. I walked in and quite frankly it looked like a scene out of a Vietnam movie with a bunch of wounded soldiers and EMT’s running around concerned, determined, and confused. It did not look good. I knew that I would do more damage than to actually stand around and watch, so I made a quick exit to the other side of the locker room.

I got changed and talked to some of the fans, friends, and coworkers. Still, in the back of my mind the health and well being of my two family members weighed heavy.

I finally returned to the locker room about 15 minutes later. Both guys were in great spirits and it was such a relief to see. I asked Wifebeater how he felt and in true Wifebeater fashion, he replied that he was fine and than said that now he would enjoy a refreshing Wifebeater beer and held up his bottle. His sense of humor and sarcasm was back, which meant to me that it was just another night at the office for him. Oh, and yes in Japan the CZW wrestlers have their own beers marketed. WB told me that on the Backseat Boyz bottle it says, “American heartthrobs” (I think that is what it was) and he said that it was a big rib and to rib them about it (which I did in no less than 3 minutes later). Nate was also getting stitched up and I asked how he was and in true Nate fashion he had a huge smile and said he was fine. I can honestly say that Nate may be the only guy in our locker room with all respect to everyone else that I have never seen not smiling or unhappy. The guy is always in a great mood.

When I worked at RF Video, our biggest selling tape at that time was the IWA King of the Death Matches. So, there is a big contingent of hardcore fans. Well, for you fans out there I would absolutely scoop up this video quickly. If you are sick of being insulted as a hardcore fan, you will absolutely love this one. It will satisfy your hunger for blood, violence, and brutality. The IWA tournament was nothing compared to what I saw last night.

The rest of the show was in my opinion a great opportunity to showcase our younger talent and allow them to develop their characters and gimmicks. I will tell you now to keep your eye on the Hurricane Kidd. The Kidd has a new gimmick, more or less mocking his own lack of size. He has taken to his character like a natural. The combination of he and Rocker are really entertaining and a lot of fun to watch. Not to mention the Kidd has a ton of potential. Look for Towel Boy to join up with them in a couple of week. The three of them in this role could easily become cult favorites in CZW in a hurry.

Ruckus continues to shine as the most underrated junior heavyweight in the country. He is rarely mentioned among the elite of the up and comers out there and I think that is a huge oversight. The guy is truly a sight to see for his size and agility. His somersault van terminator was one of the most breath taking moves I have ever seen in CZW. Ruckus has also developed quite a fan following in recent weeks and he loves every minute of it. It is real ironic as I am writing this, he is calling. Should I pick up or finish the commentary? Damn, he hung up. Finish the commentary.

The 6 man was really unappreciated by the fans in Smyrna. It was wrestled like a true wrestling match with hot tags, heat spots, and everything breaking down. I think that match in Sewell, would have torn the house down. What is real nice, is to see is that VD are now taken seriously as a legit team and contender. Once the Briscoes went down and the SAT’s were not coming back it has been real important to bring them to that next level. I think without a doubt they are there and the fans realize that.

I think Towel Boy and Rocker had a real decent match as well. TB continues to show me something every time out. He will be the first to tell you he has a way to go, but he has flashes in every match. I like how his match was wrestled yesterday, in that it was slowed down and he did his flips and acrobatic moves in important spots, rather than boom, boom, boom. Jeff Rocker is really starting to get over due to the Fake You television. His promos are some of my favorite on the show and the fans seem to agree.

I think everyone else stands on their own. What more do I need to say about Justice Pain, the Backseat Boyz, and Jay Briscoe? All 4 are corner stones to the success of CZW. The Softcore Connection against Storm and Barr Camm was a last minute match put together. Due to injuries and schedule conflicts I think it worked out real well for something put together at the last minute. I think the opening with the kids was not as good as their match in Sewell. However, what I will say is that they seemed to be working a lot more on the psychology of their match than the actual flips and high risk moves. Chris Cash has a ton of fire and if he gets some weight on that body he can be lethal. GQ and Ian have enormous potential as well.

I have not watched Fake You TV yet, so I really cannot comment on it. I saw the last 15 minutes and things looked pretty good. But, without seeing it in it’s entirety it is hard to comment.

You know I talked about so much good, how about some ugly. WWF Excess may be the worst show the WWF has produced since those goofy Livewire shows with Todd Pettingel and Marisa Mazzola. Ok, let’s look at this logically. Between 10-12am most children are in bed or winding down. So, you have the teenage crowd and older crowd I would imagine watching this show. I really think that the WWF most think we are all morons. That is how I was treated as I watched this show. In the year 2001, it is not feasible during this time frame to put on a “marky” show.

I think Trish is real good on the show. She seems a little cosmetic at times, but gives you a genuine feel for most of the show. I love the flashback matches. Isn’t it interesting that 3 weeks have seen Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels? I know you cannot show an entire 25-45 minute match, but last night they cut the match down to like 4 minutes. Would ten kill you to give us? Even 15 minutes would be fine. That kills me when it is cut down that much. I love the highlights throughout the week of the shows. I miss Smackdown a lot, so it really helps to see the edited review of everything that went down.

Now, let’s get to the worst part of the show which is the Coach. I should not even really attack him, because I am sure he is only portraying the character that he was told to play. The character is obnoxious, annoying, and insulting. It reminds of wrestling in the 80’s. There is nothing wrong with flirting with the girls, but he comes off like a guy that has not gotten laid since college. It caused me to turn off the show quite a few times last night. The questions he asks are just so insulting. Again, I am sure he is being fed those questions so this is more of an attack on the character and not the man himself.

Look, when WCW would pull stupid stuff like this they were bombarded with attacks on their credibility. The same can be said here. Triple H’s interview was the best so far, because it was not insulting. It was kayfabish, but not in an insulting way. Also, if you are going to bring talent on the show let them be themselves. I don’t want to hear Torrie talking about Tajiri, let her talk about her relationship with Kidman. If Triple H can mention Nash on the show, why can’t she when she was asked how she got in (he got her in). It is just a real annoying show and I will never watch it again. The show can be successful, but not like this. Even on Heat for a while they were doing some real serious interviews. It won’t hurt.

The last thing I want to talk about is reality TV and most importantly Big Brother 2. I was a fan of the show and would watch it religiously. Why is it that every contestant on a reality show feels that if they bring the one that everyone hates with them to the end that it will make them stronger? It backfires every time. Do they even watch the other shows for strategy? The best ever was when the winner (who is a doctor) said that he was going to blow the whole prize on jet skis and jewelry. The runner up, who did not have the kind of income the doctor did almost threw up when she heard that.

The new site design is done. I should be up by week’s end. To be honest with you, I have been swerved by all of my teachers and have had a ton of tests last week and this one upcoming. I have everyone’s columns and the design is in place. It is just a tedious process from this point forward to upload it all. So be patient, but I am hoping by next week everything will be in place.

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