Week of 9/4/01

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Week of 9/4/01:

This was kind of an interesting week to pick to do a column. Mostly, because I really do not have a hell of a lot going on this week. However, I am sure I can find something to talk about to take up at least 5 minutes of your time.

Well, the main thing on my mind is my website. Around October of last year, I had it in my mind that I was going to renovate the site. A really cool fan out of Atlanta help get the thing off the ground. Due to his demands from school and athletics, it became harder to get things done. I am also a control freak and would rather have not have to worry about others having passwords, etc. So, what I did was go to Borders and buy HTML for Dummies and studied it inside and out. I also did a lot of research and went to different sites and kind of copied what I liked and learned from that. Needless to say, Prowrestlingradio.com was reborn. It may not be as fancy with flash, etc., as some other sites but it works for me.

Fast forward one year and I am getting that itch again to redo things. I will be honest with you and tell you I do not make a penny off of this site. At one time, my Adcast account would have been profitable. That is, until they did not pay and went out of business. The main objective about the site was promoting the radio show and myself and not making money. I think it is almost impossible, unless you are a merchant to have a profitable pro wrestling site. The new look definitely attracted more viewers. The numbers over the last year on the site have even baffled me as to where they all came from. But, people do come and I feel a responsibility to give them more.

I will be honest once again with you the reader. I also had big visions of turning this site in to almost like a magazine. A magazine geared for men, but friendly to all. I have had visions for a long time of sports columns, relationship advice, much more wrestling coverage, fitness and dieting advice, movie reviews, music reviews, and anything else under the sun. The only reason it is not that way now is just out of laziness on my part. Well, I am not that lazy these days and I think it is time for a second re-launch.

I am real happy with the response I have gotten from people asking to do columns. I have another wrestling guy, a guy who will cover the indies closely, a football columnist, and a few more in the bag for whatever they want. I will once again update the bikini pics and I am hoping to bring back the video gaming column regularly. I will start by this week by posting a football column, specifically with my picks for the opening week. I am no expert, but I am a huge fan and I will post my picks on the site weekly. I will add comments to the picks, should I have anything to say about a specific game. I would love for you to all email me your picks, and we could all play along. Next year, I will try and develop some kind of fantasy pool for everyone here that is interested. I know quite a few of you good fans have offered me a part in theirs, but the timing was not there.

I will also be redesigning the site to hopefully accomplish my vision of a magazine like format. I envision a reader looking at the site with a main wrestling story, but a million other places to go besides that. I am looking to have CZW wrestlers to maybe do fitness advice for those out there interested. I think this could all be real cool when it is all said and done. I started school with my heaviest schedule yet this past week, so it is not going to be easy. For anyone out there that are going to be writing columns, expect to have the first one needed in about 10-14 days. I hope everyone enjoys the new look and has a lot of fun with it. That is what it is all about, having fun.

Now, on to the wrestling portion of this column. Last week I did go back in to the GLOOW studios for the first time in months. I was joined by JJJ and the sound guy to do overdubs for an upcoming release and we also cut some spots for a tape entitled, “wild girls of GLOOW.” At least, that is what I think it is because I messed up on that about a million times. It was great to be back doing this kind of stuff. I love doing the GLOOW stuff, and Jeff and SG are a blast to work with. It is like a bunch of guys just sitting around and having a party. I think JJJ and I were a little rusty as far as our timing goes working with each other. Other than that, I would highly recommend buying the two tapes when they are released. I think some our mess ups or bloopers may actually be on the video. Keep it tuned here for some more GLOOW news over the next couple of weeks.

Raw was terrible, should have been the title of last night’s show. First of all, why open your hot show with that long match between Test and Undertaker. I always think you should open up hot, and hate watching otherwise. Now, they are putting Steven Richards in to the mix with Taker? What happened to the Taker and Albert feud? Why were Albert or X. Pac not even on, after weeks of feuding with the Taker? I love Steve Austin and think he is without question the most entertaining guy in the WWF. His new character is hilarious, however the angle last night with he and Angle was just stupid. Does anyone believe that a man will be kidnapped on world wide live television and not be arrested? How convenient was it for him to have a mini pool in the middle of the street and not have it run over? And, how pissed off would you have been if you paid to see Raw in the building and you did not get to see the top heel or the top babyface live in the house? As far as the Christian turn goes, who could not see that coming a mile away? On a positive note, how over was Shane Helms last night? The whole crowd was chanting, “Hurricane.” I sound like Dave Scherer with all of these questions and that was not the intent.

CZW television this week was another interesting show. The matches were real good, and that 3 Way was off the charts in my eyes. All six of those guys worked their asses off and worked real well with each other. I never would have thought that Barr and Berk would have this much natural chemistry between each other. I think the show lacked something though. I think it lacked a good follow up from last week’s strong show. We had a major deal go down, and I think they should have at least showed a clip. I know for a fact we have a ton of promos in the can, and we only got 1 the week before and 2 this week. I think more promos need to be shown also. Again, I will put this against any other indie television for that matter. But, there is still room for improvement and I will be the first to admit it. I liked my commentary this week, so no real shots I need to take at myself. This weekend, 9/8 is a huge show for CZW. We have discounted tickets and a super strong main event and under-card. I am real jazzed to see how the matches go between everyone. I am expecting a great show with a lot to talk about next week.

I was out with Robby Mireno the other night, when he brought to my attention something from last week’s commentary. He said that I gave away the ending for the American Pie 2 movie. Did I, I guess I did looking back on it now. Let me tell you, I did you all a favor because while it is not a horrible movie, it is nothing you should not rush to pay 8 bucks to see. Wait for the video to come out or the pay per view at home.

I want to wrap things up with another one of my famous customer service stories. I will also have a ranking of the worst customer service places as part of the new format on the web site. Clubhouse Diner in Bensalem, PA employs a stout, stocky woman with blonde hair. I was in there late Sunday night with Robby Mireno and Z Barr. Robby asked the woman to recommend the chicken or steak wrap. She asked him what does he like better? He says he did not know. She snaps back, well that is the one that is better, I don’t know. She continued to throw our stuff on the table and have a real banana up her ass. I can say I frequent that place often and with the high price and low portions, I say get rid of HILDA!

I will be off the air this Saturday from WBCB 1490 AM. I am taking the day off for a family event, and will return the following week. Do not forget that I will be out at Harvest Days in Yardley, PA on 9/22 doing the show live. I will have some CZW wrestlers with me and some tickets from various places to give away. So, make sure you come on out and join us because it should be a lot of fun.

Until next week, stay away from chubby Asians with hamster bites. I will see a lot of you Saturday night.
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