PW Radio Classics: WWE 2002 Year In Review (01/11/03)

Hulk Hogan The RockThis Pro Wrestling Radio classic goes back to January 11, 2003 and looks back on the WWE 2002 year in review. Now it is a pro wrestling look back of that year but WWE was the only real game in town so WWE dominates the conversation. 2002 was one of the most exciting years in WWE history. Hulk Hogan returned and brought the New World Order with him, Brock Lesnar broke out and became the next big thing, The Rock was more dominant than ever, Stone Cold Steve Austin was in and out of the company, the WWE and WCW world championships unified, and so much more! This is a real fun look back at a historic year and I take calls throughout the hour from fans who tell me who they felt stood out in the big year. I also touch on the news of the week headlined by Bob Holly’s infamous appearance on Tough Enough and the incident with Matt Cappotelli.

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