PW Radio Classics – WWE Backlash 2001 Review & More

Pro Wrestling Radio logoThis classic Pro Wrestling Radio takes a look at WWE Backlash 2001. Eric and callers throughout the hour recollect Backlash, preview Judgment Day, recap Raw and SmackDown and so much more. Broadcast May 05, 2001.

Some of the topics included on the show are…
Backlash 2001
Judgment Day 2001
Austin and Triple H vs. the Hardy Boyz
SmackDown recap
Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy feud
State of the WWE business
Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit’s push
Rob Van Dam to WWE rumors
Austin vs. Undertaker RAW match
The Rock’s future in acting vs. wrestling
What is going on with the WWE-WCW purchase
Open calls, and much more…

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