PW Radio Classics – WWE SummerSlam 2003 Preview

Pro Wrestling Radio logoThis classic Pro Wrestling Radio takes a look at SummerSlam 2003. Eric and callers throughout the hour predict SummerSlam, talk greatest SummerSlam moments, the latest news, a RAW preview and so much more. Broadcast August 23, 2003.

Some of the topics included on the show are…
A full SummerSlam 2003 preview
Where this event ranks in history
Greatest SummerSlam matches
Predictions on fallout from SummerSlam
The involvement in the McMahons in angles
Mickie James signing with the WWE
Booker T’s injury status
Brian Kendrick’s gimmick in the WWE
Monday Night RAW preview
Open calls, and much more…

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The Best of WWE at Madison Square Garden

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