Pro Wrestling Radio August 14, 2013 – WWE SummerSlam, Daniel Bryan, Hulk Hogan

luke_eric_artPro Wrestling Radio returned after a hiatus with a new podcast taped live on August 14, 2013. If you missed the live event you can listen to the entire show right here which features all of the latest WWE news and TNA rumors. New crowned Shamrock Cup winner and independent pro wrestling star Luke Hawx and I cover all of the latest WWE news, pro wrestling rumors, hot topics in the blogs, as well as share stories from our own pro wrestling careers. Hear the entire 55-minute broadcast below or download it and listen later.

Luke and I spend quite a bit of time on SummerSlam as we break down the top matches, discuss possible finishes, and give our predictions. In addition to SummerSlam here are the rest of the topics covered on this week’s show…

– Should Daniel Bryan win the WWE championship
– Luke’s controversial promo on Bob Holly he cut at the Shamrock Memorial show
– Luke going to ROH
– Hulk Hogan appearing in a new WWE video game
– Story about Kanyon and Hogan from WCW
– Ric Flair signing with the WWE
– Kurt Angle going into rehab
– Should Brock Lesnar or CM Punk win at SummerSlam
– Best stars in XPW and CZW we worked with who never made it
– Jesse Sorrenson being cut by TNA
– Dixie Carter’s Q & A on Twitter
– John Cena reportedly missing time after SummerSlam
– Potential WrestleMania 30 matches
– The Big Show returning
– WWE Total Divas
– Questions and comments from the chat room & more…

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